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05 June 2011


Account Deleted

Are you freaking kidding me? Washing cups and dishes because he touches them? What the hell is this? The 1980s, hell, early 1990s? Unbelievable! Maybe some folks truly are backwards.


Seriously, Calvin Gerald needs to put a wide distance between himself and his relatives.

There is a difference between "family" and relatives. Being related to someone by blood doesn't necessarily make them family.

Calvin is a 32 years old man, not a dependent child/teenager. He does not need these people (his so-called "family") although he probably thinks he does. He is more than old enough to go out into the world and find a supportive "family of friends" who will accept him as he is. He has to take the initiative and "move on". His well being depends on it.

The other guy

Calvin used to date an old friend of mine. He's a nice guy. I agree, if his family is showing him that kind of disrespect some distance needs to be there.


Preach elg!


Last year my brother was visiting from out of state during our Mother's illness; we were @ a check-up for her when we went to purchase some juice; I tasted some of his and the next thing I knew, we were going back to purchase more with him stating he wanted his own and that I had drank too much; aft we arrived back at our Mother's he stated that the real reason was that he was unsure if he could catch anything from drinking aft me;after getting over my clear astonishment of such ignorance in 2010; I explained to him that as my brother he could have educated himself or asked me long ago rather than act in the manner he did; I further explained to him that i have been open with my family from the jump in that I have chosen to protect others from what I have ACQUIRED and have remained abstinent for the past eight (8*) years; from the time I found out I was myself HIV+; it is clearly an affront to me that one, in particular my own older brother could come at me in such a manner; I need to protect myself from you more than you from me was my statement to him; it is now *9 years and I continue to be selfish and keep this virus to myself; as I have long stated: Only those of us who have it can spread it. Write on my headstone "He kept it to himself"....too many of us are destroying our community by continuing to engage in sexual conduct w/out a 2nd thought as to how much damage they are doing; I choose not to be a part of killing off my people; it really does stop with me. Keep your head up Mr. Gearld. Elgin

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