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29 June 2011



it doesn't seem so strange to me. They are about to go into a lgbt celebration, and though it might be good publicity on some levels, it actually is bad publicity on others. It makes the presidential couple look as if they are in conflict on issues. Some would pick at this and try to create other issues they may be in conflict on.

Also, the general population hates for the first lady to have any opinion on political issues (Hilary healthcare almost cost Clinton his presidency). President Obama is in the beginning stages of fundraising, and to have the first lady (even seemingly) talking on political points that are in conflict with even conservative Democrats (gay marriage) would cost him millions.

They know it is best to shut this down before it becomes even a minor distraction. The American public has short attention spans and usually grabs onto whatever salacious story pops up. Such as Weiner while the economy was going down the tubes and we were trying to discuss bringing troops home. Shut it down is the way the white house will be working until he is re-elected.

He is learning how to control the conversation. The American praise and discussion about killing bin Laden was shorter than the discussion about Weiner. The bin Laden situation was a major coup and should have pushed him into the presidency for a second term automatically. That's how Bush got his second term. But this black president gets very little love on any kind of consistant basis, regardless of what he does. So he knows he really has to control the conversation from now until he gets into that white house for a second term.

Especially since the repubs have been able to take the conversation from him on several major issues and control it in their favor. He is becoming tougher now and letting go of some of his ideas about always working together on all issues. Again, he has to if he wants to be re-elected.

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