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10 July 2011



It's likely politics keeping Obama from supporting gay marriage and leaving it to the states for now.

Obama has shown his support for the gays. If fence sitting for the short term helps him get re-elected over an anti-gay candidate, I think that's a stance I can accept.

I pray Obama sees the light and evolves to supporting gay marriage in the US, even if it takes a couple of years for him to get there.


Oh,I wonder if Obama has ever been evolving on civil rights or freedoms for any other minority groups. His position is purely political and based on what is good for him. In a poll when he was younger, he voted for Gay Marriage. Now he is evolving. Another self-serving, hypocritical politician. On this topic I am very critical of President Obama, but I voted for him and will vote for him again. In many ways he is a wonderful President.

Marcus Flemister

As an African with family in America, I always told myself that I would not bother to ever post on a blog about anything. Frankly I always found myself miserable around most of the gay folks I meet when I am there. The whole mean snarky attitude just puts me off. But I have to admire their tenacity when fighting for basic rights. I am gay and a complete lover of Obama, but his stance on marriage leaves me sad. Turning a group of people into a political bargaining chip is sad and desperate. He will always be one of my heroes, but once again he just reinforces my double minority loner status.

Chitown Kev

"But it's insulting to suggest "polling and politics" have nothing to do with the decision."

True dat. I zeroed in on the same sentence.

With me, it's not even so much his stance of the marriage issue...it's the way he addresses the marriage issue ("gawd in the mix," states rights) that I don't like.

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