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09 July 2011



They need to put him UNDER the damn jail. There was nothing sexually aggressive about that little boy, his ignorant classmates were conflicted with their own desires and took it out on him, because they couldnt cope with who they were aswell inside.

And real cute @ the teacher telling him he couldnt make people believe as he did, and it wasnt his right. WTF, thats not the point!! Everyone should be able to do as they please WITH RESPECT TO OTHERS. Did she forget that part? She probally could have saved his life if she sat her students down and laid the ground rules. There is no reason this bullying should have gone this far.


If I was the teacher those students would have been pulled off my roster as soon as they started that mess! Too often teachers ignore bullying, and try to pacify the student with stupid things like an outfit, and then boo hoo when they get murdered.

Where is the justice?

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