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22 July 2011


Honut Sinti

Another sad and awful tragedy.

My heart goes out to the family.


Lashay Mclean was a beautiful person inside and out, You will forever be missed, I love you. Another woman survived the attack so hopefully she can shed light on rather or not this was a hate crime. R.I.P Lashay

Account Deleted

The T segment of the LGBT community truly have it the worst.

Monica Roberts

The travails of DC transwomen goes back to August 1995 when Tyra Hunter was denied lifesaving treatment in the wake of a car accident by a DC EMT that caused her death.

Then at the same 50th and C street corner in August 2002 Stephanie Thomas and Ukea Davis were killed in a hail of automatic gunfire

Giselle Munro

that makes no since how your lazy law enforcement will not do they job to protect transgenders in your city maybe when it becomes one of your children's then maybe you all get off your lazy asses I suggest you transgenders there protest and get a law that will protect you as people there and I mean one that will make one think before committing such a violent crime DC your a disgrace to me get your asses out there like the news was your child

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