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12 July 2011



Wow. Outstanding Rod. Hats off to Michael Irvin.


I'm really proud of him but after reading some of the things on twitter I think society still has a long way to go, but kudos to him.

Chitown Kev

That pic of Irvin below the fold is HOT! (and I'm not a Micael Irvin or a Cowboy fan...)


And yet another giant leap for mankind! Also Black Enterprise has its gay cover too. What in the world is going on? Are humans being considerate and understand and evolving right before my very eyes?


Glad to hear this coming from Michael Irvin...BTW, I did not know that he looked like that under his clothes...

Christopher Smith

Please God, let my home issue be this one and not Ben Cohen ;-)


I would have loved to see a video of that photoshoot - When Michael walked into the stylist’s realm at the shoot he quickly ripped off his shirt, dropped his pants and went right for an old vintage leather football helmet and shoulder pads. Once the camera was turned on him he tightened his abs and pulled his pants down to show the top of his boxer-briefs.
Way to go Michael!


irvin gave a very heartfelt interview. and those pictures are hot!


Good for him. I may actually buy that magazine for the first time since they FINALLY have someone on the cover of interest (lol)


Way to go, Mike!


that is one hunk of chocolate that is mad sexcy, did u see his arse?? he got a juicy one. this makes me like him all the more . . . .


Yes way to go Mike! We need more people like you and Ben!


@ hh..where is the arse shot???


Nice of him

Bernie B

Always thought he was a jerk ... But people will surprise you when they open up and let others see all sides of them. I applaud him with standing ovation and his guts for serving up MAN FIERCENESS attitude on that cover ...lol ...love it, love it. Can more str8t brothas take a stand and support or at least offer more open tolerance for their gay/bi brothas? ... Can we start a revolution? Can we?

Honut Sinti

Good article. I wonder if he and his brother Vaughn favored each other?


I have always found him hot. The way he used to fill out that Dallas Cowboys uniform made me swoon. But the best part of him are those lips!He was very intense in many interviews when he was a player. I just could not take my eyes off those lips when he was speaking.

Derrick from Philly

Well, as a diehard Eagles fan it's hard for me to say this...but, I love you Michael. Oh, Gawd, help me I'm about to throw up.

And at 45 years old, Mr Irvin--you look marvelous!


Great for Irvin.

I think he's deliciously hot with this perfect, dark skin and to-die-for lips, but does OUT really need to put every person interviewed into get-ups and poses as to entice us gays sexually?

I mean, obviously I like it, but it kind of distracts from the seriousness of the topic - straight guys who are standing up for gays.


I don't disagree with you D-nice but in a way I think it's shows that they are straight men who are comfortable enough with their sexuality to the point that they have no problem with being seen as a sex symbol for gay men. A lot of straight men pose for calenders and various other magazines and act like the core of those audiences are women but realistically it's gay men and we don't get nary a mention. And personally I don't think it distracts from it I just think it ads to it.


I received the magazine, read the article and thought it was very nice. I am very proud that Michael found the courage to deal with his feelings: accept his brother and support those of us black gay men in the community! "We are who we are"...accept,love, & support us...for simply being us!

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