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29 July 2011


Derrick from Philly

Well, I declare. The wretched bishop liked variety, didn't he? Or atleast he used to.

New Birth must have a lot of money...or they used to.


This is beyond words.

I don't understand all of this covering up to hide sexuality and such, when it is what it is AND the Bible may be unclear on some things for some people, but YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS is in the Top 10 and it's pretty clear.

So I'm always and in all ways floored by the "hiding" of who you are in order to please men and women who are human just like you, to gain their approval.

When I meet a man or woman with a Key To Heaven (not just preaching about the keys to make it to Heaven), then we'll talk but until then. As for me and my house, I'm doing the God thing and letting God be my guide and judge.

As for this, I still don't believe it's done. The bishop seems to have gone to many measures to hide his truth, whatever it is, from people.


Wasting his time with the music thing, unfortunately. I really hope those youngsters don't burn through all of their money and end up in trouble years from now.


Although this new guy/girl benefited in the lawsuit for years there have been rumors of Eddie sleeping with more than just boys but men too. This situation is just messy, I hope Eddie will be forced out of his church!


Looks like that settlement money is planting the seeds for a recording career and lavish lifestyle...how appropriate since this is all proceeds from prosperity preaching!!

Chitown Kev

Lawd have mercy, this reminds me of a certain someone when I lived in washington DC who loved to have trade all around him with the exception of one (and only one!)obvious queen.

Leaving all of that aside...

Thing is, do ya think this will get through to some of the black churchified that these type of abuses are far from a white (and usually Catholic) thing?

And of course, this is known, it HAS to be known, but it's DADT.

Thing is leeches and vermin like Eddie Long suck up so much hot air when there are so many other ministers (in all churches really) that really do good works.

I'm glad that Rod has provided coverage for some of those ministers as well.


He sure is one scandalous heffa...LAAAWWWD have mercy LOL!!!


Wow, this is interesting. I bet the Long camp really tried to keep this guy hidden. He is very flamboyant, unlike the other four, and he adds a whole lot of credibility to the accusations.


This seems suspect to me ... he's very much UNLIKE the others ... he only came forward AFTER the other 4 ... he seems to brag that he did foolishness and got paid for it ... maybe he just saw an opportunity and took it ...

If you like good looking bois .. you aint gonna like a feminine cat like that ...


If you look at the older pictures he wasn't always this flamboyant in his appearance and fit the general mold of the other guys, at least physically


wasn't it richard gere in the 1990 cop flick, internal affairs who said: everyone likes strange?

seems like eddie long's decrepit pickle liked a stimulating tickle from all kinds of boy juice.

and if eddie long's deep pockets isn't fronting the chauffeured limousines and expensive studio time for this fairytale princess, then who is? an nba star? a closeted hip hop mogul or just a well-heeled businessman?


"If you like good looking bois .. you aint gonna like a feminine cat like that ..."

The Bishop is apparently more "versatile" in what he's sexually attracted to than many gay/bisexual men are these days.

The 5th accuser is not "flamboyant" in the older pictures but he still seems "clockable" in those early pictures (u can be clockable without being flamboyant).

Account Deleted


Is there really any need to make such condescending comments like that? Freaking unbelievable!

Honut Sinti

Well, take me to the foot of the stairs!

I wonder how Eddie Long's family is dealing with all of this?


He looks like he's trying to capitalize on adam lambert's success (if we can call it that)


@dahotstepper, who needs judgmental church folks tearing us down when we've got ourselves to do it for us. Here we are putting this person down because he/she is not the masculine type we crave. and did we read the same thing where it said this person did not come forward but was part of the settlement??? take your blinders off bro.

alicia banks

even MORE proof that eddie long is a hypochristian homohating homo tree jumper for jesus...




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