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20 July 2011


Distant Lover

That does it! I'm hitting the gym 5 days a week, three hours a day. No more half stepping! Blake, the body of a god and the face of an angel!


a lot of people dont like him but his red azz can get all the cookies. i know that muff is fire red. yum yum. You should post a pic of his cute brother also


I think I get it now!!


No close-ups of his face - whew!

Chris w

That's it right there. That's what I'm talking about y'all. I know those b*lls were ready after soaking in that Miami sun all day.


That last photo was THE ANSWER.

Honut Sinti

I am having bake sale. Get your hot cookies here!


Chitown Kev


now that ain't right!

(It's kinda sorta true. But it ain't right)

Oh, and thanks rod for the feet shots for this particular rod 2.0 foot fetishist!


Rod, the last photos you posted a few months back didn't do him justice. I honestly didn't see the brouhaha over him. Now? I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT. I can see his attractiveness, young, great body, carefree, kicking it at the beach. He's a hottie for sure....

Mark N.

I always did like his red ass. Something about him, even before the chiseled body was discovered.


He has a nice little booty on him, too. These pictures knocked him up a couple of notches.


So THIS is what you got the SX30 for. (And you tried to make us think it was for the moon.)


He's not traditionally attractive but it all comes together just right and makes me all tingly *giggles*.

The other guy

I don't get into red dudes but I love this one. lol

Asian Gay Dating

he really seem like a guy looking for some other guys...


Where's the rump pics?


Rod, can you do a story on Demarco Morgan, he is fine as hell!


Rod, this is why you can't post pics like this...the churen act like they have no home training..talking about the brotha..like he a popeye's two piece all dark with a biscuit..can't take yall anywhere..lol


18 comments on beefcake/SPORNO - 4 comments TOTAL on the two stories about the Lawrence King murder.

GAYS GET IT TOGETHER! I know this is not CNN not come on. You are living the stereotype.


ya'll can have him. not my type at all. lol

Liberator Émigré Éire


Rod said everything that needed to be said on the Lawrence King trial. What else is there to say? I'm sure everyone read that post and put it in the IMPORTANT box. What do you want - a chorus of "OMG this is awful! Get the bad guys!"

Sporno and JLS stuff is totally different - it lends itself to banter etc by virtue of being harmless fun.

Silence doesn't translate as apathy.


@ Kaos/Liberator:

"Silence doesn't translate as apathy."

Actually it does. Kirk makes a very good point. There are a multitude of critical issues in OUR community (black, gay, American = you're not part of it) that black gay men are very silent on. HIV, hate crimes, coming out, politics, LGBT rights etc.. But many of us are more than vocal on celebrities, beefcake etc.

Do you know who Kirk Shannon Butts is? He is a director and one of the leading lights in our community. He has some bona fides.

You need to check your tone. You're a white gay British man who obviously is enraptured with black male skin. You sound like a tourist and you do not have license to say what we should and should not do in our community.

Toddy English

I love him.

Chitown kev



Silenece IS apathy. A little birdie told me that it can mean death too...

although I probably should be more vocal abt. those issues at THIS blog (I am actually pretty vocal abt. them)

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