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07 July 2011


Derrick from Philly

Violent and stupid: a combination that can kill a budding football career. If you're an established star you might get away with it (Ray Lewis, Plaxico, etc), but a college boy? There are a hundred thousand who can fill his jock strap this fall season.

I wonder if his mother has called him to tell him how stupid he is? She won't be getting that new home in 3 years down in Florida

Chitown Kev

Don't tell me that the U of I is attempting to compete for the Fulmer Cup (that obscure refence was my first thought).

My second thought was thwey need to get rid of Ron Zook...


About Chris Jones, you arer right, Jones would go in the first 2 or theee rounds of the draft, boyfriend is GOOD!...all the more the shame.


Auburn has the Fulmer Cup wrapped up for this year.

While it's important to abide by "innocent until proven guilty" and hence only suspending him for now, there is no way this guy should be playing for Illinois this year.

I'm surprised a hate crime carries a lesser penalty than aggravated battery

Account Deleted

I wonder if the Queerty crowd is having a field day with this....

Joking aside, this moron has it coming to him.


Derrick is right; this just seems violent and stupid. It doesn't sound like a hate crime. It is, for sure, a really, really stupid violent crime. Sounds like there was a previous run-in and then this incident?

Him sitting in jail is a very good lesson for him.

But, and this is where Derrick is wrong. There are not a hundred thousand waiting to fill this kid's jock or however it was said. This kid is a really good player!

There won't be a harsh penalty. He'll probably still be on the team, after a short punishment. And, he'll likely go pro - if the NFL gets its own shit together.

I'd like to know what happened before that caused him to pick this couple out of a crowd. Anybody know that story?


“I wonder if his mother has called him to tell him how stupid he is? She won’t be getting that new home in 3 years down in Florida.”

Or the Haitian maid.

But you know, Derrick, there are just some things in this world worth more than any material possessions. Like proving you are a real man, or that you take the Word of God seriously.

alicia banks


thug pookies rule the world

even uiuc/my alma mater




Now this is one stupid brother. Here you are living your life and hating someone else for theirs. Now he is going to jail for it Now he will have all the time on his hands to think...so sad.

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