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06 July 2011



BRAVO! Great piece Rod and I love that this young brother is busy doing his THING! I got my copy of the book and it's great to see love, this rich and sweet and familiar.

I had the pleasure of marrying SeanMichael and Damian, who grace the cover, and it's a sweet love indeed. You can feel it jumping off the pages!

Bravo Darian! WAY TO GO!

Former COGIC

This is very very nice. I do not know Mr. Darian Aaron personally but feel that I have watched him mature and grow into his own voice. Thank you and congratulations!


I really enjoyed that interview with Lonnell Williams.

It's about time someone put together a book like this. Good on you, Darian.


Thank you, Darian.

Occam's Razor

Finally!!! I was VERY tired of being swamped by the images of black-white male coupling and being asked over and over again to embrace and support this imagery. It was as though black and white males were the absolute epitome of a relationship that SGL black males could look at, look up to, and look forward to!

Finally, someone took the initiative to do something for us!

A breath of (MUCH needed!) fresh air.

Thanks Darian!

Mel Smith

Awesome news. Congrats to Mr. Aaron

Account Deleted

Only 5 comments? Something that looks at Black gay men from a healthy perspective....pales comparison into the many numerous comments about D-List celebrities and what not.

LOL, I had to say it....

Steve B

I have to agree w/Kevin Perez. Kind of sad, actually. On a ligher note, I'm ecstatic about the book and will look for it--- particulary since I've been in one of these rarely seen and/or discussed relationships for the past 18 years.

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