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07 August 2011


Chitown Kev

Are these Air France pilots giving valid excusesor is this straight up civil disobedience?

Because I get the legal part of this (under international law, the pilot has a pretty broad right of refusal to fly anyone who may enddanger the safety of the plane).

But I don't understand why they would think that Kaute is a danger to the flight (I mean, even if he were going to do something violent, couldn't the authorities just restarain him?)


Kev: The pilots don't need a valid excuse. They can deny entry to an passenger.

Maybe the Air France pilots association simply agrees with the goals of LGBT activists.

Jim J

Kev..."valid excuses"? Are you serious?


It will interesting to see how this story progresses in the not too distant future.


These stories are so sad, people can't just be.


If I were a pilot, nothing could compel me knowingly to fly an unoffending gay man to his doom. If the UK wants to be complicit in human rights violations, it can fly him there on a military plane. Why should a French national be their accomplice?

Rev. Dr. Harvey Carr

Kudos to Air France. Apparently they support the action of their pilots since the pilots have not been disciplined! I am amazed that the UK would knowingly wish to deport someone to face a potential death penalty simply for being gay! What happened to the equality for LGBT in the UK?


Wow, serious props to the pilots

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