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04 August 2011




•"all of these theories about self-esteem, racism, etc. are a small part of the issue."

Really? Please prove that. Because from what I have seen thus far in my 48 years on this planet, racism, low self-esteem and the "etceteras" have been huge parts of EVERY issue concerning every Black man, woman and child. So I find it hard to believe that this issue would be any different.

•"I know plenty of reckless young men who have never dealt with racism, are well paid and well educated, know the risks and STILL engage in unsafe sexual practices."

So are you saying that because you personally know "plenty", that they make up a larger part of the problem? "Hmmmm" indeed.

No one is saying that there isn't personal responsibility that must be taken by sexually active men. I'm pretty sure we all understand that. But not everyone has the SAME common sense (IF they have it at all) and there are many different reasons for that. Everyone's circumstances are different and for you to use your life as the gold standard in which to judge millions of others whom you do not know is reminiscent of the "christian" churches.

•"I just don't buy that any young man out there having unsafe sex does not know better in this day and time."

If you believe that then I would guess that you really don't know that many young men after all.

Account Deleted

HIV is actually becoming more prevalent among the Latino/Hispanic communities as well. While it seems that Black gay men are possibly the most vilified of all minority groups on the subject meter, the epidemic is reaching sinister proportions for other communities of color.

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Goodness knows I've disagreed with ChiTown Kev before on another failed blog, but on this issue I have to co-sign his sentiments. Personal responsibility is FREE and can be easilly accessed!

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