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02 August 2011


Mike Fourth

Is Julian Bond gay? It's doesn;t matter if he is or not. Just curious.


Bishop Eddie Long is a mess, hunny! And Wanda Sykes will give you a big and bold "Amen!" to that!

King Drive


Really? Srsly? That's the best you can do after this writeup?



love, love julian bond. that's a real warrior!


Nice writeup, Rod. Thanks for some balance and adding some context. I've read this same report at other (predominately) white blogs and the focus is on "black homophobia" and never anything about the advances.

J Matt

This would've made good late-night TV. I bet the dialouge was hot and heated. Especially if Eddie Long was on the "menu."


go Julian!


Sigh. We need more Julien Bonds.


Julian Bond has a beautiful wife and grown children. He's a handsome looking man. Great role model


That was very good to watch and I wish I could see the discussion in it's entirety!!

Richard Rosendall

The noteworthy thing about NAACP is not that there are homophobes in its ranks but that its leadership has been pro-gay for so long, going back to Kweisi Mfume's tenure. Ben Jealous has been excellent, and Julian Bond has been a champion. The CA branches opposed Prop 8. Of course all of that doesn't mean we're done. Of course we need to press ahead and also confront the 'phobes. But when someone is a proven ally, you treat him as one.


Julian Bond is a man to admire. He has always forth for cause. I know he make his family even more proud to see that he has stood by us without passing judgment but helping us go forward. Just a beautiful man we do need more like him.

Chitown Kev


Yeah,I was getting sick of these white queens that wanted to focus on Ratliff.

I mean, he heads the NAACP chapter representing Iowa and Nebraska, two states that have HUGE swaths of black folks, lolol /snark

Julian Bond didn't pull any punches vis-a-vis Eddie Long, did he?

@Richard Rosendall

Thank you.

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