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30 August 2011



All time favorite moment is when Jill closed out her set in Boston on the "Summer Block Party" tour with "He Loves Me" and touched my hand. That meant everything to me! And all I could scream was thank you. Because as an artist she taught me it was ok to love who I am. And to not apologize about that!


Fave Jill S. moment: listening to "Free" "Do You Remember" and "A Long Walk" from the "Jill Scott Experience" album while taking the bus to/from campus in Berkeley/Oakland in 2001-2002. Loved hearing her live and the way the audience responded to her. She calmed me down big time before qualifying examinations. I credit Jill for my ability to pass at the "excellent" level on all exams!!

King Drive

The first time I heard "Slowly Surely". It reminds me so much of my late Aunt Betty, that was one of her favorite songs, I used to love seeing her singing along. My aunt has passed so that song always reminds me of her! :)

willa taylor

She did a benefit concert in Chicago for Chicago Foundation for Women against the exploitation of women and girls. She was relaxed and loose, and when she sang A Long Walk, the entire auditorium was on their feet singing with her. It was like watching her bathe in love.


My favorite Jill Scott moment was actually her performance in the movie "Why Did I Get Married". It was when she and her ex friend; who was sleeping with her then ex-husband met in the bathroom. Jill was talking about how she wondered what she'd do when she finally saw her friend again and when she said "whoop that ass" and had the head motions to match, I LOST IT! I still lose it at that part. Just shows the many sides of Ms. Scott and I think that's cool.



Seeing Jill Scott perform "Summertime" with George Benson in 2002 on a Bravo salute to Broadway. Seemed that most people in the audience didn't know who she was, but after she finished singing they knew her then. Blew everyone away!


My favorite Jill Scott moment was in 2001 at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Jill's 1st album had been out less than a year yet almost everyone in the entire crowd sang along with her as she performed.I remember the woman next to me was amazed that I knew all the lyrics to "Is It The Way" including the breakfast. "Toast, two scrambled eggs and grits." One of the best times ever at a concert.


Forgot my email warren900@aol.com

Joshua B.

My Favorite Jill Scott moment happened at a listening station in an old Circuit City store in my Hometown. I'd just gotten out of a bad relationship and was looking to do some retail therapy. While browsing I picked up a copy of the soundtrack of " Love Don't Cost A Thing" simply to laugh at how corny Nick Cannon was on album cover. While checking the track list I noticed Jill Scott had a song on the otherwise underwhelming soundtrack and decided to give it a try. As I listened to "Comes to the Light (Everything)" tears for my ended relationship came out of my face like fire. For four minutes and forty-eight seconds I cried like no one was looking even though everyone was. I purchased the CD and have been a fan ever since.

Rodney B

My favorite Jill Scott moment was before everyone really know who she was. She really got her exposure thru her friends from the hip hop group - The Roots.

She was the female vocalist in a lot of their songs back in the late 90's/early 2000's.

She was in San Francisco with the Roots and they performed "You Got Me" before it was officially released and the vocals done by Erykah Badu.

Let's just say when she performed the song, the crowd went crazy as she ended the song in an operatic tone. It was FIRE! All those at the concert knew then what we all know now "Who is Jill Scott." CLASSIC


Clayton Barrier

My Jill Scott moment was sitting in the parking lot of my college dorm and listening to the entire album. I felt so neo-soul and safe back then!!!



Favorite moment: I remember where I was when I saw Jill Scott for the first time, in the video for "Gettin' in the Way." Her first album had just been released. I knew immediately that she was an amazing talent, and could not wait for more.

Mark Norris

My favorite Jill Scott moment was her award winning performance in Why Did I Get Married? The scene she did on the mountain overlooking the snow on the mountains and reciting those lines, "I feel like I have been socked in the stomach." I could relate so much, because I was in that exact same type of relationship. And like Jill's character, I got through it. Took some time, but I got through it, thank you Jesus.


Solo Love

My favorite Jill Scott moment is when I bought "Who is Jill Scott?" CD, begging my mom to get me to the store so I could have it, after saving some money, and getting home playing the CD all night, even when I had clas the next day!!!


my favorite jill scott moment happened in 2004. she was in concert here in a smallish event center with floetry. after standing for hours through both sets, jill came back for and encore. she did "he loves me" (one of my faves) and couldn't get through the song because she was crying. instead she talked about the healing power of love. i cried right along with her. next, she did "rasoul" (another fave), and stopped again at the memory of another good brotha who made bad choices and paid dearly for them. i don't think she finished either song and it doesn't even matter. marques1030@gmail.com

Miles Price

I LOVE Jill Scott's music.......I know all of her songs, and I love her performances. In fact, I was just at one of her concerts here in Atlanta earlier this month. However, my favorite moment was in "Why Did I Get Married" towards then end. Her character Sheila went to Washington D.C. to see her friend Patricia (Janet Jackson) accept an award. When she was talking to her friends about how she overcame her obstacles and how HAPPY she was with her new life and new man.........I could literally feel her happiness through the screen. So, that was a powerful Jill Scott momement for me.



My favorite moment is my first exposure to her music. I was reading with the TV on in the background and "In The Way" came on... I stopped reading and started listening. I haven't stopped.


My favorite Jill Scott moment was around 2007 I was in college and heard her on Def Poetry Jam sing "Ain't no Ceiling". It made me reconcile the arguments that my parents would be having prior to their divorce and challenged me to understand the complicated moments in a relationship that require faith and empathy. Jill was emotive, sassy, and honest- everything my mom was. And my mother had faith, but in the end she had to do what was best for her. There are innumerable moments where Jill's catharsis in her music has taught me lesson after lesson. I've learn to love, learned to cry, learned to be comfortable being sexy as myself and not trying to emulate the stereotype of what others find attractive. And my favorite lyric although very newly penned "He got that thickness, the kind that make u get up bakin biscuits with breakfast. So Gone." When someone makes you want to be a better human being that should be enough.


My favorite Jill Scott moment is watching her perform as part of the "Four Women" quartet on "Black Girls Rock!" Her vocal delivery as the song's Peaches character is quite unforgettable. Holding her own with the other ladies singing is a testament to Jill's power, poise, and overall ability. akexum@gmail.com


Hard to pick a favorite moment, but it would probably be watching her sun shine through as Grace on the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Loved that show.


I have many moments that have touched me, with regards to Jilly from Philly. From her standing in the screen door on the porch in her music video "Getting in the way", to her joy in "Golden", to her "Live in Paris" dvd watching her bring her authentic self to the world.

But my most most favorite moment is watching her face while she is singing "Hear My Call". To see the honesty, the ache, the realness, is all I need. She didn't need any extra imagery or background to get her story across. Just her voice and her face. Watching that video still makes my soul weep.


My favorite Jill Scott moment comes in sections. First, I remember hearing "He Loves Me" and thinking to myself, that is how I want someone to love me. I was just out of a bad relationship at the time when the CD was release. A few years later (2008) I met someone and started dating them. We were out at a bar that had a jukebox and he played the song. While it was playing he walked up behind me and said this song expresses exactly how I feel about you; he then presented me with a ring and we have been together ever since and I can truly say that "He Loves Me especially like different..." and we live each line of that song.


I remember sitting at my desk in 2000 and hearing "THE WAY" for the first time. I was transported somewhere else. The tone of Jill's voice, the force of the lyrics and the sweet surrender of the song just made me think about LOVE and PASSION and my relationship with GOD and THE WAY that my life is blessed.

That first cd set the tone for a great career and the masterful artistry of a woman who I know will be talked about for generations--JILL IS SOUL AND R&B AND HOUSE AND GOSPEL AND CLASSICAL, ALL IN ONE JUICY DIVA!


My favorite moment has to be a recent moment. From her new album "The Light of The Sun", Jills performance on Sundays Best and also the recent released video of "Hear My Call" moved me in expressions that can be only be known through my tears.

Still dealing with a break-up that's been difficult to move from, I understand why she's calling out to God. When love has burned me raw & turned me cold... God you can change, fix and yes heal....heal this broken heart... Thanks Jill for showing that some of the best of us have had a broken heart and must ask God to help us get through it... I thank you Jill Scott


This is Diva 1961. I forgot to leave my email. It's tjulian24@aol.com. My moment ended with "Watching that video still makes my soul weep". Thanks!

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