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24 August 2011


Derrick from Philly

Well, I certainly wish Mayor Dupree the best of luck (as well as the Black folks of Mississippi), but I'll never forget what happened in Louisiana about 25 years ago.

Louisiana was the last southern state where White Democrats outnumbered White Republicans. A Black man (whose I should Google) won the Democratic nomination for governor. At that time that would have meant an automatic victory for any Democrat EXCEPT he was Black. White Democrats deserted the party in droves and they voted for the Republican who won.

I know that 25 years is a long time ago (to the American mind), but we're talking about Mississippi, children.

And the irony is that Mississippi probably still has the largest percentage of Black folks in it than any state in the union, but also probably the most conservative White folks. STill, it's a wonderful event that Mayor DuPree won the nomination.


. . . and if he does win, I hope they'll allow him to govern. quite an accomplishment indeed.

Chitown Kev

Well, they did elect a black man mayor of Philadelphia, Mississippi, so who knows...

but, uh, yeah, I don't see him becoming governor of Mississippi


Thanks for picking up this story, Rod. I hope he will be able to garner some money from donors across the nation. He ran his primary race with just $400K, compared to the Republican who had $3 million. In spite of this, DuPree garnered more votes total than the Republican who was on a solo ticket.

-SN- I think Luckett is the biz partner to Morgan Freeman.

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