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22 August 2011



>>>If these facts were known, would the horrific murder still have captured the nation's attention?

No. I cannot see the entire nation riveted because a gay black man had been killed. And sadly the black community would never have been unified behind this tragic case.

I'll be waiting to see how quickly people erase or ignore this man's sexuality. SMDH


Thanks for pointing this out, btw. I would have never known. Very sad indeed.


Wow..that's horrible. Thanks for the info.

Kevin P.

You're not joking about downplaying his sexuality. Do you think there would've have been as much outrage about what happened to this poor man IF they knew about his sexuality before.

How can folks talk about unification and community while continuing to ignore and exclude a segment of the population who in fact faces the SAME EXACT issues every day in this country (talking about Black LGBTs).

I'm sorry to say this, but mark my words, they WILL deny that he was gay.

A. Ronald



RIP Mr. Anderson, you truly did not deserve any of this! My heart goes out to his partner and their young child. I had a feeling Mr. Anderson was gay. It doesn't matter to me that he was! Some evil vile scumbag murdered him!!!!!! That's all that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That atrocious SOB needs the death penalty!!!!!!!!!!!! His lil' scumbag friends need to go down too!


Confused... Who is who? The story has "19-year-old Deryl Dedmon" charged... later in the quote, "Mr. Dedmon had called his son, Jordan, 18, derogatory words..." Does Deryl have a son who is one year younger than he? I know they start early in the South, but I think there's an error here.


@John, Jordan is the preachers son.


John: No error at all. DERYL DEDMON is the murder suspect. JORDAN RICHARDSON is the pastor's son. They have different first, last names and ages.

Rod also included the pastor's name so we wouldn't be confused. If you read too quickly, or are trying to find "errors", you'll lose your way.


This story is awful. I feel so sad for that man's family ... and now his partner and daughter. My prayers.

Nathan James

While my stomach churns at the deataoils of this unspeakable atrocity, I'm heartened to see that prosecutors are taking this case as seriously as they can. It wasn't too long ago that the killing of and SGL man of color wouldn't be vigorously investigated, let alone prosecuted, in the deep, deep South.

While I'm opposed to capital punishment, even for a monster such as Dedmon, I have no difficulty at all in seeing him sentenced to life in prison without parole. I hope Mr. Dedmon, if convicted, lives well into his 80s in Mississippi's prison system. He's earned that fate truly and well.


@MW09 said:
"I had a feeling Mr. Anderson was gay."

The first time I saw his picture, I had the same feeling.

I think it will be very difficult for Mr. Anderson's family to deny that he was gay simply because he had a long-term male partner. The family might try to downplay it in some way but I don't see how they can totally deny it.

I hope Redmon spends a VERY long time in jail.


So sad. SMDH

Jamel Smith

Mr. Anderson was attacked and killed by domestic terrorists.

My prayers goes out to his loved ones.

Chitown Kev


and you know what?

Everytime this case comes up at a (straight) black blog, someone needs to bring up that this man was a black gay man and a father.

Otherwise, I would think that it wouldn't get brought up.

Chitown Kev

and now that I think about it...

it needs to be brought up at the (white) gay blogs that didn't think that this was a "gay story" and where even those commentaries were filled with racist comments...in fact...I'll b(l)ack


I hope that b*****d rots in prison for what he has done. The white gay blogs never pick up on things like this and think that the black community including the black LGBT community are the one's who cause problems.


My heart goes out to the family. He was a father with a child and a partner who dearly loved him.


I hope he get the death penalty and see how his family feel when his life is over. I really feel awful that the man had to die in such a hanius way and for what...RACISM AND BIGIOTRY AND HOMOPHOBIA...FOLKS LIKE THEM DO NOT VALUE LIFE SO SHOULD NOT ENJOY LIFE THEMSELVES IN THIS CASE.


Everytime I see that picture of Mr. Anderson I want to cry because he looks like he was a nice sweet southern gentleman. And now we learn he was a loving devoted father and in a long term committed relationship with a man. He was the role model we should have been seeing. Just heartbreaking.

Honut Sinti

Aching heart.

RIP Mr. Anderson.

alicia banks

cc this evil to hobama and his post-racial lies!!!




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