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25 August 2011


Willie  Birden

Rest In Paradise Miss Dupree.I loved you in "Paris is Burning",especially the part when you were walking around the Ball with that cigarette hanging out of your mouth with that Vogue magazine in your hand.For some reason that part always made me laugh...lol.


"BUTCH QUEEN"..(snatches wig off) 'BUTCH"..lol R.I.P. LEGENDARY MOTHA!


Greetings Rod;
First off Thanks for reporting this.I was going to send you an email on this. But there are things still being sorted out in reference to Paris.
Also there's some other things that we'd be willing to also share with you if you like.(i.e Details on her death, and we have a Memorial tribute being planned)

Being that I am a Dupree (EFREM DUPREE) and have been since 1983. Some of us remaining members of the house know a little bit more about our Mother. And can truly expand more in reference to the movie and other things as well dealing with the legal action as well as her passing.

Feel free to hit me up via Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/CHRONICLESOF_E or email @ EFREM615@aol.com

And to all that have sent many well wishes we The House of Dupree truly thank you and keep us in your thoughts, wishes, and prayers.

She just wasn't our Mother but she also was a Mother to many!

Honut Sinti

I will never forget seeing Paris is Burning at the movie theatre at Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. years ago. I was mesmerized.

RIP Paris Dupree.

Honut Sinti

You know, Paris also reminded of Eartha Kitt as both had similar facial features and bone structure.


This is so sad for all of us who have or will participate in the ballroom community.

She was our history.

Rest In Peace Paris Dupree.


As someone who never attended a ball or is part of that community, Paris still had an impact on my life. I found the film liberating and my friends and I still watch it as it provides many sources of reference and inspiration for us. Thanks for the Memories, Paris. RIP


So sad...

I love this documentary so much!
Butch queen! Butch!



Oh my goodness, I think we all forget the film Paris is Burning is in fact named in reference to Paris Dupree. In the film there is a flyer with Paris Is Burning promoting their ball.

This film is SO IMPORTANT. So sad the academy (Oscars) overlooked Paris is Burning for Best Documentary. Clearly it is one of the greatest documentary film EVER!

RIP Mother!!!


I just download this movie the other day. R.I.P. guess I came to the party too late.

alicia banks

a star!




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