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23 August 2011



Sorry to hear about this. Rip, kid.

Kevin P.

Where's the outrage from the general LGBT and Black communities to speak out against this atrocity? Maybe if he were Straight and a regular church goer, there would be....

Jamel Smith

Horrible, horrible, and horrible.

This is why I consider myself a gay rights and human rights activist.


Damn these bastards! This is just awful. Flies in the face of us being such a progressive society. I bet none of those who beat this dude could count to ten on their fingers. Just awful!


@Kevin Perez, when was the last time you took to the streets for any cause? Always damning black folks. Show us your other face, not the angry against black folks face!
In light of there being a history of confrontation with Marcellus and his attackers, I'm hoping there are quick arrests.
So young, so promising!

Derrick from Philly

Very heart-breaking. This young man was about to begin college.

The thing that strikes me about Mr Andrews' killers is their feminization of his first name from Marcellus to "Mercedes". It's usually not a name that Straight guys would use to insult a Gay guy. (Then again, I'm not familiar with Iowa.) But it makes me believe that there were some closeted or "down low" guys involved in his killing. I usually don't comment on that angle of the killing of Gay man, but in this case...well, I just feel it may be some vicious closeted homos involved. Sometimes they are worse than hetero homophobes, but that's something you all know.




May this young man rest in peace. Why did he have to die so horribly?!?! I hope his killer(s) are brought to justice soon!

I hope to expect more coverage of this on here Rod.

Chitown Kev

Here is what I don't get...

Just because he apparently was long acquainted with his attackers and simply because there may have been some "bad blood" between them does not mean that this wasn't a hate crime.

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