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31 August 2011


Former COGIC

"A cousin, Renicia Haywood, 18, noted that a person who displays perceived feminine actions is not necessarily gay. "They didn't come to beat him up because he was gay. There's more to the story."

There is more to the story. Sounds like they beat him up because he was gay but the family won't admit it.


Possibly a dumb question.. But...Would he have to indeed been gay in order for them to be charged with a hate crime?... If they in fact were making gay slurs and perceived him to be gay..I would think that would be enough for it to be a hate crime...Anyone?

Chitown Kev

Well, technically the family is correct.

In spite of all of the gay "dog whistles" (the slurs, studying interior design, etc.) he may have been straight.

But that doesn't matter. If Andrews was even perceived to be gay then that makes it a hate crime and it would seem to me that it wouldn't matter whether Andrews knew the perps or not.
if some is screaming "faggot" at him, then that's an anti-gay hate crime.

Better that Andrews go out like the macho man that all black men are supposed to be than to be gay or even to be perceived as being gay.

The vehemence of these family denials are sickening.

They may not have known that Andrews was gay. Hell, Marcellus might not have been able to admit it to himself.

Honut Sinti

Legal definition of a hate crime:



This story is heartbreaking.

Marcellus, apparently, was never able to be his authentic self in life.

Marcellus was murdered, at least in part, due to his real or perceived sexual orientation. And now he is being "erased" in death by his own family.

Marcellus' sad end reminds me of the four young black people (weren't they about the same age as Marcellus?) who were brutally murdered several years ago in, I believe, New Jersey. At least 2 or 3 of those victims were known to be gay/lesbian but the family members in that case (just like this one) didn't want the murders investigated as hate crimes.

Chitown Kev

"Better that Andrews go out like the macho man that all black men are supposed to be than to be gay or even to be perceived as being gay."

now that I'm rereading this, I stated this poorly.

Just wanted to clarify that this seems to be the thought processes of some of Andrews' family members.

Kevin P.

DENIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT! That's all I can say.

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