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04 August 2011



Great body, great looking, but ZERO sex appeal..to me at least. He's like a Ken doll.


Nice! Now it's time for him to play a superhero!!

Joe B.

Mario: No, no you paparazzi swine, don't take my picture. Yes, I know I'm walking both my child and dog at the same time and I'm shirtless. I'm shirtless by law, you know. LA City Council passed it last month, so not my doing. And yes, I had to wear these short that highlight the outline of my penis, I have a sponsorship deal with them. Now let me go to the mall where I shoot my TV show in front of almost every tourist that comes to this town. Man, can't a guy get a little privacy?

Derrick from Philly

Why do some people like ugly dogs?

Well, I've been called a Snow Queen by some vicious b.tches on this blog. Well, I must be damn Butterscotch Queen too 'cause I like that boy.

...wish I could smell him.


He's delicious.

I love him and have since before it felt legal to be watching him, but he's gorgeous and he so knows what he's doing and he probably called to tell them what time he'd be exiting the house. But hey, I really don't fault him. He's in Hollywood/LA and he's got to maximize the Mario! One thing to be hosting; another to be seen!

Tim Lee

Can you say DILF


Question to Mario: With the leash wrapped around your wrist and only one hand free,because you're walking in the street,in case of emergency which one do you save: [A]The baby [B]The dog [C]Neither...Just a silly observation...


He is gorgeous. I have been a fan since Saved By the Bell. That booty, that body, that skin, those muscles...he is one of the best.

Honut Sinti

I love that baby carriage.

It's a long way from the ones I used back in the day.


He would actually have sex appeal if he wasn't a tea bag republican.


I liked him better back in the day. Looks to...I can't put it into words but it's a bad thing.

James W

JayD: Mario Lopez a conservative Republican? When and where did you hear that?




That's a French bulldog by the way.


@vjackson, totally agree with you

Distant Lover

I have to disagree with some of the posts. Mario may not be your cup of tea, but you cannot deny that he is a PRETTY MAN who is beautiful in form and appearance. If I saw something like that jogging in my neighborhood, my eyes would definitely do a double take!


His booty is no more... Didnt you see the shower scene....


He is alright but I have to agree he is a fame whore and also not very appealing. Great bod but just ehhh. I would not even want to taste him...lol. Just great to photograph.

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