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01 August 2011


Derrick from Philly

Really wonderful news!

Jamel Smith

Awesome news.


Good luck with the campaign, but I would reckon that trying to change the minds of some of your neighbors is akin to trying to speak sense to tea-baggers here in the U.S.

Nonethless, I will still continue to visit other Caribbean islands when I vacation in the region.


I guess then, Perry, the point of your boycott is to punish and not to influence change.


I agree with Perry.Its to dangerous,change minds with your dollars. Dont go! Too many other places want you to visit, Brasil, D.R.,


I applaud their effort.
They are very brave.


My hats off to the demonstrators! I barely think those of us in the US can think of how much bravery it takes to stand up against such a rabidly homophobic country.


I think this is great news and pretty brave for all those involved trying to invoke change, but I'm not so optimistic. The type of hatred that's being exhibited in Africa and Jamaica is deeper, more embedded into the fabric of their thinking and being. Man, I'm all for standing up for what's right and good, but I don't know if I want to die for it... That's the bottom line with these people - they will kill you and the law is all behind it. I don't think losing my life over this particular issue is worth it when I can simply move somewhere else and be okay. Just my thoughts.


LOVING this!

Battyman from Jamaica

Unfortunately while the move is noble the personalities therein are far removed from the realities of homophobia and associated violence on the ground, chances are they are holders of US visas and can simply fly away leaving more darker skinned lower socio economic levelled same gender lovers who face the music daily. Such is our classist system here, the ad also seems to reinforce it very well and the notion if you’re brown stick around if you’re black stay back and suggests that families do not exist in the other sections of the country. More realistic figures should have been used or one hopes this is not the only ad for the campaign.

In effect rich up-pities telling everyone else what to do, an old worn out formulae

Sad indeed that this is the best JFLAG could come up with, what is also sad is that the comments section on the JFLAG site is closed to anyone for or against the work being done, then how can we have proper forumatic activity?

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