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30 August 2011


Joe B.

Just keep this woman talking, about anything. Everything that comes out of her mouth makes her less electable. I hope there's a Democratic operative out there getting footage of all this stuff.

William Lavender

Perhaps just perhaps he was saying stop using me in your stupid agenda.

Honut Sinti

So, she is God's administrative assistant?


No, apparently she is God's "joke" writer. Personally, I think he'd/she'd do better with Tina Fey...

Chitown Kev

Yeah, people like Bachmann think that they're suitting on God's Lap or somethin'

Kevin P.

Delusional and how typical add pseudo-religious BS to natural disasters. I still remember some of the most disgusting and atrocious things coming from the mouths of folks in regards to the Japanese tsunami in Sendai.

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