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24 August 2011


Former COGIC

I'm glad they're talking. Good for them. And notice the silence from everyone else who condemned these young men for being greedy and opportunists.

Distant Lover

The saga continues...
Long was a fool to think that this was over. I'm glad they're talking to and I will buy the book.


How peculiar that this pedophile Reverend now has a chance to take on a new church name, new innocent lives and nobodys saying nothing that they don't already know...hmm, how bizarre...Must be a holy ghost thang.
And just who was the truest rapest in all of this, the almighty congregation, the people, the Rev. or the parents....Spielberg better do this one and get Whoppi to play the Rev., she have to gain 300 or more pounds give or take the weave.


money may not be synonymous with happiness, but the next time they're trolling the streets of miami with drugs and weapons in expensive cars they should consult with the nearest homeless person to see if poverty has purchased them happiness. life cannot be sustained without money. rather than burning up millions which is about the most foolish thing i've ever read, why not use the money to help other victims of rape get therapy. just because you've been legitimately victimized does not mean you have to become self-absorbed and sink into a morass of self-pity. try helping some other young men. often the best way to get through any pain is to help someone else who is in pain.


"U ain't ready for the secrets." Oh my!


If you Tally up the amount of money that was received which is paid out over YEARSSS VERSUS the amount of money you can make NOW doing interviews, writing a tell all book, and just for the heck of it, throw in a movie on corrupt pulpit pimps, They will probably make more money that way then keeping their mouth shut.

Cry loud and spare not is what I say till that satanic kingdom comes down!


I feel for these dudes. I was also taken advantage of as a child and it really does make you question who you are. "If that man never touched me, would I still be sexually attracted to dudes today? Despite the fact of never even coming close to having any gay thoughts or feelings beforehand. *Sigh*

I hope these guys work through their demons. I'm SO glad that the one that got caught with drugs in Miami is also one of the ones speaking out. That lets me know that he really does want healing.


I'm glad these guys speaking out again because Long has not humbled himself and seriously needs to.


I agree with what aaronthemoor said. They should do something constructive with that money. They should also give it to the people that have lost money by giving their last paychecks to Eddie Long.

Former COGIC

>>>"They should also give it to the people that have lost money by giving their last paychecks to Eddie Long."


This case has brought out the worst in the black gay community, maybe because many of us have been in that situation, seen it happen, or done it ourselves. These were 16 and 17 year old boys when Eddie Long (and who knows how many of his friends) took advantage of them. They were smart and eventually handled the situation like men.

Dozens of people on this blog ranted against them and criticized them for taking a settlement, like they owed something to our community. Now, they talk to the press and jeopardize their settlement and it still isn't enough for some of you.

What choices were you all making at 16, 17 and 23 years old? Why are you demanding so much more from them?

These young men helped many, many people by calling this man out and filing a lawsuit. They are helping many more by speaking out. You don't know what they went through. You don't know were they raped, forced to do this, passed around to other men, were pictures or video taken, or even if family members turned the other head. You don't know why this kid tried to kill himself and what really happened.

They don't need to do anything else for anyone else. Period. The bigger question is what are you grown men doing for the community? Not very much, because too many black gay men stay in these churches, didn't call out Eddie Long and are hiding in the closet.


@ Zambos: "They should also give it to the people that have lost money by giving their last paychecks to Eddie Long."

That's an excellent idea. Who should get the money first?

The members of the congregation who are still tithing after it's been reported their gay bashing pastor likes teenage boys?

Or the ones who keep donating to the building fund after that money was used for Rolls Royces and private planes?

Or should they start with the thousands of members who hate gays and have gaybashed their own gay sons and daughters?

Maybe they should start with the church members who applauded the pastor after he said he would "fight" these suits because it was all a lie?

Or the hundreds of church queens at New Birth who put in the collection plate even though their hypocritical gaybashing pastor says they are going to hell?

Former COGIC was right. This case is a microscope into what is wrong with our black and black gay community. Shameful on so many levels. Totally foolish that so many "brothas" want these barely legal young men to jump through hoops for their approval.

The case was settled and they don't owe anyone anything. Least of all random and anonymous gay black men who likely never stand up for anything, much less a hypocritical pastor. If anything, the black community and black gay community "owe" them and the thousands of other young boys and young men in their situation.


Dalton honey, you read like few others. Love it.


waving church fan at cogic, osiris, light skin. waving church and tambourine at dalton!!

Tia Maria

Former COGIC I couldn't have put better myself.
To say Jamal Parris is angry is an understatement. He's bursting to tell the truth so much he chokes up when he speaks. And why shouldn't he? The man is still walking the earth with the greatest of arrogance. He is now in Africa, where no doubt he will be collecting more paychecks from the vulnerable to make up for the settlement.
Check out this sista put it into a little perspective anyway: http://thisblksistaspage.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/south-africa-you-dont-know-eddie-long-like-we-know-eddie-long/


I just got done watching the full 21 minute interview on WSB's website. they may hold the record for most tea spilt in a half-hour.


The floodgates are open and the levee is broken....the TRUTH WILL COME OUT.


I am all for Eddie Long being put on blast. I just hope that they are really aware of the kind of attention a tell all book and a media blitz will bring them, as not all exposure is good exposure - even if they are telling the truth. They may find that they were not prepared for it and end up worse off than they would have been had they just quietly sought professional help and in turn used their experience to help others.

Real talk: They are coming off looking more like messy stunt queens than guys who really want closure, and that is not going to benefit them in the least. I think they are thinking short term and not long term when it comes to healing. But, that's just my POV ...


i noticed last year that a good friend of mine was very quiet about this story. he then told me that an almost identical thing had happened to him with another preacher (...and many other boys, including his brother...). it took five full YEARS to convict the preacher, who was in the meantime preaching to thunderous applause every week. he told me that every time he saw those sycophants defending the preacher (...and later Bishop Long..) he would cry uncontrollably, as it was like he was being called a liar over and over.

jamal paris' frustration is palpable. he's rightfully angry at not just the bishop but the "flock" when he said, "How dare you..!!!" that pretty much sums it up for me. bishop long is still holding his head up in polite society and is still being celebrated. there's nothing approaching closure until bishop long has no congregation. i hope the book does it.

Chitown kev

@Former COGIC

I agree.

It's not as if Eddie Long was a sugar daddy to grown men in these cases.

In a case like THAT, then I would be calling them "stunt queens."

This was a man in a position of trust and authority; he was their MINISTER.


Why is it that when someone wins a lawsuit exposing their personal life folk tell them they ought to give it away to some charity? What have most of you done with your disposable income, bought clothes, dinner,movies, when have you given to a charity or volunteer to? Let these men do whatever they want with their money you judging them to taking the money. It ain't easy being in the spotlight and having everybody attacking them for their decisions.


Nice try, Dalton and Former COGIC. I simply responded to him saying that he wanted to burn the money up. Instead of making a foolish statement, why not help the people who were foolishly believed that giving their last dime would give them prosperity?


This whole thing is wild. I watched the whole interview outakes and all on wsbtv.com web site.Both boys said that they never had sex with Eddie Long, they also said that they never insinuated that they did. They also stated that the 20 million dollar number wrong the number is much lower and its was a cash payment. Im confused they kept saying they wanted to talk to him. Wtf is there to discuss?........................


"I simply responded to him saying that he wanted to burn the money up."

Keep telling yourself that, hon.


I saw the other interviews and the outtakes too Kev. Here's the deal, with the media and social networks having no information on the details of the settlement, all discussions were pure speculation. Jamal was responding to rumors he's read in the news and social networks. With him saying there was no sex he might be saying no intercourse but that's speculation. Since he said that something happen sexually, it could be kissing,fondling, erotic massage. It might also be a cash payment because checks can ge traced. So Jamal was putting some truth out there since he and the other boys were the only ones in their along with the lawyers and Eddie, not the media or any of us!


Bravo to these brothers who are strong enough to say WE ARE SPEAKING OUT AND STANDING UP FOR OURSELVES! This should surely some (SOME) of the vile-speak, including things I have heard from some gay men, some on this blog, who believe they were purely after money.

Speaking would and could likely jeopardize their settlement, but WHAT PROFIT A MAN TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND LOSE HIS VERY SOUL. Bravo brothers and I pray that each step helps to make them, set them free!

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