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04 August 2011



THIS TRIAL IS GETTING AS BAT-SHIT CRAZY AS CASEY ANTHONY'S... These mo'fo's are pulling out ALL the stops. Anything to try and stick or sway the jury. This is what the American court system has become. Create a case of confusion instead of the facts. Create "doubt" by throwing in other variables that has nothing to do with the case at hand to "confuse" jurors on making a rational, just decision based on the EVIDENCE.

This is fu*king crazy.


Back in the day there was an episode of "The Golden Girls" where the four main characters went to a baseball game. Dorothy was reluctant to go. But she did eventually go. The seat beside her was empty. She started to explain to the other "girls" that she always expected that if she ever found herself at a baseball game she, in her horror, would find herself sitting next to a creepy overweight, sweaty guy stuffing his face with hot dogs. No longer than when she had finished this statement, did a man come and sit next to her, fitting exactly the description she had just uttered. She then turned to the man and said, "What took you so long?"

This is the same question I have about this "revelation" of sexual abuse in this case. Of course the defendant was molested. Of course. What took you so long, scheming defense team to reveal this. Next week we'll likely hear testimony that the alleged molester looked creepily like Lawrence King and just happened to be wearing eerily similar make-up and clothing as King was wearing when he murdered him. Puh-leeze. I fear this trial is becoming nothing more than a sad, sad excuse for justifying the murder of yet another defenseless LGBT child of color. Lord help us all.


Sorry, I misunderstood the abuse to be sexual abuse rather than physical abuse. Ok, that mitigates my previous post slightly...ever so slightly

Derrick from Philly

Lawrence King's assassination is very painful for all of us. It hits pretty close to home for those of us who are or were gender role non-conforming. I keep thinking, "that could've been me assassinated"

And tHis bullshit about Lawrence being aggressive and a harasser. One of defense mechanisms that some feminine boys use is to become even more flamboyant or daring than your harassers acuse you of. To develop a sort "in your face" attitude. I did it in highschool, and sometimes on the streets. That strategy was frightening and painful because the anger you received in return was intense, but you're trying to show "them" that you're not afraid--but often you are. And you're usually alone like Lawrence King.

Chitown Kev

Ya know, yes it is tragic and sad that McInerney was abused and I feel for him but I also know that there are quite a few other people...and I mean men...that are abused in these ways and they don't commit murder.

Brandon McInerney is a murderer.

Chitown Kev


IF I were McInerney and his folks, this is exactly what I would want my lawyer to be doing.


of all those previous witnessess and students that were upset by King's behavior, from what I've read, it was kept solely at the verbal bullying level and McInerney could convince noone to bash King.

That's the one thing that I know of so far that just sticks out to me.


@Sage. Your post is fine (and on point) the abuse was both sexual and physical.

Aamir Swag

"Give 'em the old...RAZZLE DAZZLE...Razzle Dazzle 'em"

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