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22 August 2011


Derrick from Philly

Bayard Rustin was an incredibly brave man.

Kevin P.

Funny how the same charlatans who screech about white-washing and downplaying history are the same ones who feel the need to ignore Rustin's sexuality. Hypocrisy at its finest.


Thank you for this wonderful acknowledgement Rod, for an amazing man, activist and same gender loving Brutha who does not get enough.

Chitown Kev

Thanks Rod.

These excerpts here also name another of my favorite activists; A. Philip Randolph.

Rustin was a brave, brave man and someone to look up to

Honut Sinti

I read The Washington Post article at lunch today. The article was well written and quite informative. Bayard Rustin was indeed a pioneer in many fronts.

Gold points!

David Crees

Has any author ever expolore Baynard's love for white men? His lust for white men overrides any credibility I could ever offer him for fighting for blacks.


David: Bayard Rustin doesn't need your validation. He's already an icon and has done more for civil rights than you ever could.

But interesting you bring up Rustin's sex partners. He was out in 1963. Are you out in 2011? And if you are doing so much better by "lusting" after black men, what are you doing to fight for black and black lgbt rights? Please share, thanks.


david you sound quite ridiculous.

Kevin P.

David sounds like a bitter snow/pastry queen. To be out and open during the Jim Crow law period in the South AND be accused of being a communist and being Black at the same time is a lot more courageous and bold and has done more than what many so-called Civil Rights leaders today have done in the present.

Amusing. The general Black community is always undermining the accomplishments of Black LGBTs in Black History due to petty bias, prejudices, and bigotry they're quite comfortable expressing to their kin while decrying when White folks do the same. Like I said, hypocrisy at its finest. To have somebody Black and GAY mimic conservative talking points or trivialize and dumb down this man's legacy is insulting and probably a sign of actually self-loathing than Black gay men having preferences for White bois.


Kevin Perez has a disdain for black folks and seeks to hijack the blogs and inject this lack of respect for the many dimensions of black life in America. Kevin P., please, spare us the condescension. Each of your post is a spewing of this venom. Back off - we got this! and had it waay before your kind came along! Allow us to continue to work it out.

Mike Dowling

Kevin, how can you say David is a bitter snow/pastry queen when he is advocating black love? If he was a snow queen, he would support Baynard.

Greg G

Mike and David: What are your accomplishments on civil rights and LGBT rights? What were your accomplishments in 1963? What about in 1993? Since you're supporting "black love", what are your accomplishments on Black LGBT issues?

Having a black boyfriend or preferring black men over whites in 2011 means NOTHING if you're not working for a better black and black LGBT community. And have either of you even left comments on this blog before? You're soooo interested in "black love" but have NEVER commented on any isssue until now.

Chitown Kev

Well, alrighty then...

There are different forms of love other than intimate/partner love.

Greg G is right about this, whatever Rustin's interests in intimate relationships was, noone could do the work that Rustin did for the black civil rights movement (and the labor movement as well) without a deep abiding love for black folks.

Kevin P.

"Kevin, how can you say David is a bitter snow/pastry queen when he is advocating black love? If he was a snow queen, he would support Baynard."

Probably because I meant to say a SCORNED snow/pastry queen who's probably had issues with White gay men. Besides, the comment was random and simply undermines said individuals accomplishment.

Brien, I can comment on whatever the hell I want. There's nothing venomous about my comment. Sorry that I'm slightly blunt. But you're right about one thing....I have great disdain and disrespect for the charlatans who are forever screeching about how American society undermines the accomplishments of the "Black man" while hypocritically doing the EXACT same thing to Gay men of color. Let alone one played a major role in the Civil Rights movement and one whose constantly ignored because he's the EEK, EEK, EEK, the GHEY. It's the same issue with Coretta Scott or ANYBODY whose ever express support for LGBTs

Sorry I have such strong feelings about homophobia from minority groups.

Former COGIC

Greg G, Kevin P and Chitown make some excellent points. It's very sad that Bayard Rustin's contributions have become hijacked by brothas trying to question his "credibility" due to his partner selection a half century ago.

It's very obvious that Rustin was deeply committed to Black people and uplifting the race. The opposite is also true. Just because a "brotha" dates within his race and has a Black (or Latino) boyfriend, doesn't mean that he is committed to "loving" Black people, eradicating racism, fighting against homophobia, fighting for HIV funding, mentoring young black gay men and "uplifting" our community. Actually, I will say more times that not, MOST black gay men do not do those things.

I have no problem with calling out snow queens and other black gay men who self-hate and do not participate in our community. But the bigger problem are the overwhelming majority of black gay men who are "in the community", don't come out, don't support gay rights, aren't active, etc.

Brother Bayard has done more in his life than most of us will do in several lifetimes. And he did this a half century ago, in the deep south and openly gay. Too many brothas in 2011 aren't even openly gay or out in their own communities, churches and jobs. Even in gay friendly places like Chicago, NYC or DC.

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