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14 September 2011



I am praying that Mrs. Barbara Anderson, the sister who seems to be so compassionate and committed to justice in this particular case shows that exact level of compassionate and commitment to her "brother in law" in the execution of the estate that she is in charge of ONLY because her brother's partner is being disregarded by state law!

Her brother was in a long-term committed relationship and yet HIS BROTHER gets to make statements and decisions about his life, while his partner is silenced and blocked in every way!


Chitown kev



I would have appreciated this statement even more if Mrs. Anderson had brought that up (loathe as I am to go there considering the horrific circumstances of her som's death

Rodney B

Why do I get the feeling that they don't want to seek the death penalty because they fear retaliation from whites in their area? Just a thought.

And her pitiful excuse about "religious convictions" opposing the death penalty? PLEASE!

Religion and Slavery has really fucked over the mindset of many negroes in this nation!


If that's what the family wants, then they have nothing to worry about. The victim was black (and gay) and the murderers were white (and presumably straight). There was no way they were getting the death penalty in that scenario anyway; or at least, there was no way a jury was going to convict them on a death penalty charge.

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