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19 September 2011



Man, they just want to be outed don't they...


The only man I'm giving a $20,000 watch to is my man. To say that I am not surprised is a understatement! What is surprising is the fifty let the cat out the bag. Thru a tweet , he had to realize what image this expression of " man love" would viral out of control! Lol

Nathan James

When is the wedding, guys? LOL!

Mikey-He Likes It

I'm sure it's engraved too!! Stay tuned, the ring is soon to follow. This wedding would be bigger than Kim's and Prince William's combined. I can only imagine the guest list!! And I know Floyd would rock a Vera Wang like no other!!! Any ideas on the maid of honor and best man? And why does Mayweather always looks like he wants to tongue kiss the other figher down during the weigh ins?


Couldn't they just be boys and have much respect for one another. Since they have money it would be fitting for them to give expensive gifts. I think it is a double standard to think anything else other wise. IJS!!!


@ Cedric... You can have much respect butt :-) I think there is some smoke if not fire with this one...Just my two cents...


What's the OTHER bracelet that 50 is wearing along with the blinged out watch?!?!?!?!?!?

I would think this is a gift from a friend if it was for ME because I DID SOMETHING, but he gave 50 the watch because HE won the fight?! That's like buying your boo something because YOU came into some more money! A) 50 Cent doesn't NEED to be gifted B) 50 Cent is always talking about things "LOOKING GAY" and C)...SEE!


Ilove "fiddy" and see him and Floyd as a ideally suited couple "fiddy" don't need nuthing he got lots of dough.....but Floyd needs the thug love that he can only accept in a "package" like "fiddy" that makes it not gay! A ghetto or hood reality we all know it so well....especially when they got cash to excercise their right....can someone say eddy and johnny

Honut Sinti



It may be on the up and up..but we are always suspect of those that speak negatively of gays. How is the quote, 'he doth protest to much!' I would pay to see a picture of 50 with legs up in the air, talking bout yo shawty, its your birthday!

Animated GIF Man

That's OK, Charles... That still leaves 'Fiddy' 48 cents, LOL.


what do you all think" both versitile? flloyds the bottom? Fifty is a screamer?


Fifty brought Floyd a rolls royce and now he gets a twenty thousand dollar watch....they gonna be breaking up,rolls royce 150,000 plus,20,000 watch...yeah,this gonna cause problems.

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