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29 September 2011



I still find it a bit strange that they’re using Lenny Kravitz, age 47, to play Andrew Young, age 33. Aren’t there any younger actors?

But then again, Lenny looks like he works hard at looking young.

Distant Lover

@ Jim. There may be younger actors, but I ain't mad as Mr. Daniels for his casting choice. I pray that I am blessed enough to look half as fine as Mr. Kravitz when I reach 47. Good Lawd Almighty!

Mark Norris

I think Mr. Kravitz is going to surprise us all in this film. Lee Daniels is one of the film makers that has his own style and rare way of making movies. Just look at Precious. No make up, Monique earned an Oscar, etc. I got a feeling about Lenny ya'll. I can't wait!


he is so sexy!! luv his nipples,and belly button


I told husband Lenny to not leave the house...too many man stealers around


@Nathans if that's your husband you better put a leash on his ass b/c he's fine! So well maintained! Roxie turned it out with this one!


As someone who is 46 and trying to keep it tight, I say YES! to Lenny for holding it down. He continues to prove that aging can be every bit as physically appealing as youth....The casting choices will certainly create an interest in those films.


He's such freak! I luv him. Wonder if he has any trade?


Yummy! I hope I look this great at 46!


Now, Let me find out! LOL and I think y'all know what I'm talkin' 'bout! LOL, LMAO!


Would love to mess around with Mr. Kravitz. Damn!


Andrew Young WISHES he looked like Lenny Kravitz! LOL

The man's perfection


I love me some Lenny Kravitz. I am only 34 yrs old, and didn't realize how fine Lenny Kravitz was until the Again video several years ago. I bout fell and bumped my head when I saw how fabulous he was and still is. He can easily pass for someone in his early 30's, so he can definitely pull it off.

Honut Sinti

I guess "regulars" need not apply.

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