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23 September 2011



God loves us so much!!!
See this is just like they say about 3's earlier this week it was (mostly)white America stunned over Kara Kennedy now this news about Vesta.....two remarkable women welcomed.
Peace To You ALL


Im truly shocked, i was just watching Vesta's video for 'Special' last week..To an beautiful singer who be missed, RIP VESTA.


This is such a stunning loss.

Vesta was a friend and such a joy to my soul. We got to spend several hours one night in a hotel room in King of Prussia, PA, where we laughed, cried and fell out in the floor. SHE WAS SUCH A JOY!

I will miss her. Beyond words.


I grew up listening to Vesta. This is so sad. Rest In Peace Vesta.


This is so sad. She was a true talent.


Another real talent gone but never forgotten. Vesta's music and voice will play on and on. Time to take Adele's "I make music for the ears, not the eyes," to heart music executives and fans. RIP!

Chitown Kev

Yeah, so many memories of my late teens and early 20's came rushing back with this...esp. my best friend Jeff who would sing "Congratulations" all in the streets of DC.

RIP, Vesta


RIP. Very sad. I love her song "Special".

Distant Lover

I am saddened beyond words. Not only was Vesta a powerhouse, 'blow the roof off of the church' singer, but she appeared to be a funny, effervescent and sweet person. Vesta is responsible for providing the soundtrack for so many people and she will be remembered for her music and the love she expressed to through it. RIP Vesta. Thanks for the love.

alicia banks

i love her

i will miss her always

she will live forever in my mix!


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