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07 September 2011



That sucks. I have issues with marriage, personally, but for two people that have been together THAT long without being married? That's just criminal.


This unfortunate development shows why the marriage equality movement is so important for black LGBT people.

A Facebook User

MS has often had to have the Supreme Court overturn it's bigoted laws. I think that this is just some bull ish!

This man had been killed, a daughter has just lost one of her fathers and now his partner can't join the wrongful death suit because 86% of MSans said: I don't like yall and yall can't marry cause we don't like yall! Craziness!


Will we ever be free of the tyranny of white racists? This is just unconscionable in the 21st cent. I'm sorry for the victim and his family, truly.


The ACLU, GLAAD, and the NAACP need to join forces and get justice for this victim's partner and daughter. This is just disgusting.

Chitown Kev

The lynching of Anderson was racist, of course, but that his partner can't join in the civil action is not racist...the same thing is happening with a couple as a result to the collapsed stage in Indiana last month.

That's an issue with DOMA

In Indiana, though, a lawyer IS contesting Indiana's wrongful death laws on these grounds.


I would love for the NAACP to get involved in a case like this; perhaps they could team up with Lambda Legal.


I'm with soulbrotha. The NAACP, GLAAD and the rest should make a big stink about this.

Evil Eye

All I can say is that the United States is still living in the bronze age.


Its sad b/c on many levels many won't see that love surpasses gender, color, etc. Many only see that their love is the only type of love, yet divorce rates and adultery has not changed at all--so much for the "sanctity" of marriage. Hopefully his familly will make sure his child & partner are taken care of.

alicia banks



u rock!!!

i had no idea he was gay...

this is a dual hate crime!

all of the -isms are related
all hatred has worsened
under hobama and his black/gay-agendaless post racial bs




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