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23 September 2011





This is amazing that moments like that dont even get discussed on most major news outlets. This is only a prime example of how much they would love to set back any sort of inch of progress for gays, people of color, women ect. I just don't understand where is the outrage?


This is another example of the "pure hatred" that some of the right have to gays regardless of them serving and in some cases making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.


@Quest...my sentiments exactly...Its just amazing!!

Aamir Swag

Outrageous and dispicable. I'm forwarding this post and link to all my friends. If they won't cover it I'll do my part in spreading the news.

Sidenote: Why are we considering another Presidential candidate from TX?!?!? Rick Perry is a spineless weasel.
(this, from a Texan)



I cannot believe this madness. I believed them when they said that they truly honored and supportive of the troops and now, because he's standing in his truth, This Soldier gets BOOED?!

I promise you it's time to kick some .... !!!


And they are quick to throw out the "unpatriotic card" or "anti-America card". Smdh.


What is worse is that the media will *not* call these Repubs out on this shameful mess. It's really sad that our print and news sources are being cowed into simply "presenting both sides" and therefore they have stopped asking the probing questions we need answers to.


And shame on debate moderator Megyn Kelly of Faux Noise for not excoriating the audience and asking that they remain respectful, especially of a U.S. military member overseas. She lost a golden opportunity to take the high road...and make Santorum look even worse in his response (if that's possible)

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A. Ronald

Kenneth: This was supposed to be political debate and not a high school assembly. I don't blame moderator Megyn Kelly. The candidates set the tone at debates and the candidates are running to be commander in chief, they should have stepped in.

I'm not a Fox News fan at all, but will give credit where it is due. Megyn Kelly has been LGBT supportive and slammed an anti-tran doctor on Fox who was protesting Chaz Bono.

Honut Sinti

Those people hate themselves.

Kevin P.

Let me say that the Stephen Hall is damn sexy. Hold old is he? Older men with muscles is sexy!

Any who, it's interesting this man actually presents the ideal image of male masculinity (look at the muscles!). Some folks, remember, are more comfortable with the image of gay men being effeminate. To see this individual break that idea is already too much for these folks but to actually assert and demand respect and challenge them is even more outrageous.


I'm not surprised. It's completely believable and unfortunately what I've come to expect from hardcore Republicans. Such a hateful, non-inclusive party.


A. Ronald: Your point about the candidates setting the tone is well-taken. Can't necessarily disagree with you there.

However, I don't give Kelly "credit" for slamming a crazy doctor who slammed Chaz. That is the only rational position to take with a wingnut.

Unfortunately, Faux Noise is so consistently outrageous, Kelly's handling of that situation looked somewhat virtuous.


With those bicep guns he would kick all of their homophobe, tea bagging asses. But seriously, the republican electorate has become even more despicable. Hoping against hope that other people see this and tie it to the candidates pandering to this horrible base

Distant Lover

I'm sick of this. These in-bred, racist, homophobic, knuckle-dragging, pieces of excrement are the minority and it's about time we let them know it. We have to show them that we are just as loud and determined to shape our America as they are determined to destroy it.

@Kevin P- You are so right. That man is so sexy! If he ain't already hooked up, I will be at the airport, waiting for him to come home so I can take care of my soldier! God Bless Our Gay Troops!

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