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28 October 2011



I see no one cares about the Commonwealth. Could you fix the link to the Australian News Network piece on Justice Shah?

Greg G

>>>I see no one cares about the Commonwealth.

Seems just the opposite to me. I've disagreed with Rod on occasion, but for a writer based in America, there is a ridiculous amount of Commonwealth coverage on his blog.

This story has been mentioned several times this week. NONE of the large gay white blogs or sites have mentioned it. No one else has mentioned the Kenyan MSM connection to the bombing. All this is in addition to the stories about Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc.

The Commonmwealth (or its meetings) are not a big deal to most Americans. We escaped British colonialism a few centuries ago, not within the last generation or two. We owe no allegiance to an outdated monarchy. But many many black and brown people do live in those countries, and their LGBT-related news often is reported here. People may not often comment on it, but you're being quite disingenuous to minimize its reportage on this blog.

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