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27 October 2011



Good luck to this organization in their suit. Despite having a great time on my trips to Jamaica, I've vowed never to return or spend a dime supporting the country as long as their laws are so rabidly homophobic. I'm sure it will take time for the culture to change, but it begins with the leadership. If you don't want gays, you don't want my gay money. I'd urge other readers to do the same. There are plenty more welcoming, or at least tolerant Caribbean islands for my tourist dollars. Mmmm Dominicans...


In related news, leaders of the more powerful nations in the Commonwealth are likely to call for repeal of anti-gay laws in member states.


Greg G

@ TM: Did you even read the last paragraph?

"The news comes only the eve of the annual Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia. British, Canadian and Australian leaders are expected to ask African and Asian nations to decriminalize same-sex relations in an effort to fight rampant HIV rates across the global south."

Rod also mentioned CHOGM several times this week re Zimbabwe. He's also been talking about extensively on Twitter and Facebook.

Bless your heart, tho.

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