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27 October 2011


Distant Lover

I really hope that street justice prevails in this case.


“Parents and students who knew Daryl Dedmon tell CNN it was widely known that he expressed a hatred for blacks, white people who had black friends, and anyone he thought was gay.”

Sounds like one of Rick Perry’s kind of people.

Notice that, as usual, all the varieties of bigotry come together in a single package. Now someone please explain this to the crooked pastors who get their pieces of silver from the white conservatives.

Account Deleted

All the warning signs, over so many years ...

Robert Willey

This punk ass kid is barely a story. just another loser who will now spend the rest of his life in jail, and will hopefully get shanked and die a very painful slow death.

The outrageous part of this story is the fact that the victim's long term partner has absolutely no legal recourse and cannot even join the family civil suit against the loser.

Imagine the love of your life is brutally taken from you, and in the eyes of the law, you have no legal rights. you dont even exist.


alicia banks

kill this sub-human kkk pit bull before he breeds


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