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19 October 2011



"When Your Life Was Low"... Always Remember My Friend, The World Will Change Again.. I think that this song by Lalah got me through a difficult break-up. It made me realize that it's not anything that I have done by being in the corner of my ex when they were on there lowest low, and then how I was forgotten in a moment. We should never forget where we come from and how we got there. The world can change when we are riding high and take us back to that place we never thought we would go back to. Its important to treat people the way that you want to be treated... You use to love me so, when your life was low...


Lalah always has recorded songs that were uplifting. She doesn't have to sing & shout and dance her life away. Just a soothing voice of hope & reason. Outrun the Sky is still my favorite.


Definitely "when your life was low". The beautiful vocals and arrangement with a moving message. It still gets regular play on my iPod


"I'm Coming Back" made me fall in love with Lalah Hathaway's music. Way back in 1990, it was on her first album. The song was written by the great Gary Taylor. I was excited at the time that Lalah was working with Gary, because only two years earlier I had fallen in love with Gary's music (his "Compassion" album included the Quiet Storm staples "Tease Me" and "Don't Ask My Neighbor"). Together, Lalah and Gary created a masterpiece, and "I'm Coming Back" is always an audience favorite at Lalah's live shows. That's why she decided to remake it in a very different musical arrangement, featuring Rachelle Ferrell. The new version is fabulous, too.

And now she gives us "You Were Meant for Me." OMG. I heard it for the first time on the radio earlier this week, and I was blown away. It's incredible. Lalah's voice is amazing, as was her father's.


And no need to enter me for the free CD, I wanted to listen now and downloaded it on iTunes (thanks for featuring this and making me aware of it). SUPPORT THIS ARTIST!


when your life was low... just reminds you of the power of karma.. and to treat everyone you meet with respect and love...a very soulful song


The song from Lalah that hit home early on for me was a track off her second cd, A Moment, titled 'Separate Ways.' Sometimes we try to hold on to relationships that are not good for us. Even though we love someone, that person may not be good for us in the long term. But the memories will forever be. This song was so poetic and meaningful during that time period. No need to enter me into contest because I purchased me a copy of this new cd. I have to support real music. Thanks Rod.


I realized the richness in Lalah Hathaway's voice on her project with jazz great Joe Sample. Her vocal rendition of "Fever," which is best song by a vocalist with a deep, sultry alto voice, was expertly done by her. Her work on this project exemplified her ability to phrase songs, conceptualizing them (almost a forgotten element in today's music, and at the same time bring her own musical worldview to her performances.


"I'M COMING BACK" pulled me in from the first verse. Her alto, dipping down into tenor waters sometimes, is just too much for my soul. I love her. I saw her in a club in DC in the 1990s and she was just FIYAH.

"When Your Life Was Low" makes me think of so many things, but I remember hearing it the first time and it allowed me to forgive as ex-lover who just didn't know any better. It made me stop expecting him to do any better and releasing the need to hear words he could never speak. She did it for me and I let it go.

Lastly, her tribute to Luther with "Forever, For Always, For Love" was everything. She didn't steal the song from Luther but God knows she's got it out on an expanded BORROW!

I love Lalah!

Honut Sinti

I agree. When You Life Was Low is so mesmerizing. The lyrics, musical arrangement and sound quality on the CD are outstanding.

Love it!

Distant Lover

This is an easy one. "That Was Then...This Is Now." The chorus says it all. "It was like a lifetime passed right through my fingers. So long ago, so much I didn't know. Kinda like a light shined down and showed me how. How to move on. That was then and this is now." I first heard this song while in Atlanta. I was unemployed and living with a relative with no prospects and a lot of emotional baggage that was holding me back. I was in my uncle's living room, channel surfing and stopped on one of the music channels. Soon, Lalah came on with this jam and since I loved Lalah from back when she did Heaven Knows and Baby, Baby Don't Cry, I decided to listen. When I heard that chorus, I REALLY started to listen. My attitude changed and I started to let my past stay where it belonged, in the past. I especially loved the part of the song that says; "Am I the dreamer or the dream?" I used to be the former, now I'm the latter. Thanks Lalah!

My email address is asanteent@gmail.com


When I first heard Lalah sing Luther's "Forever, For Always, For Love" I went running around the house asking who that was. Her voice is so rich and warm. It felt like a warm breeze on a cool day. It was butter melting over a biscuit. It was a way to remember, everything. Now whenever I hear her, I just stop and remember the first time I heard that warm, buttery voice.


I fell in love with Lalah when I heard, "Baby, Don't Cry". That song made me feel something deep inside that I didn't know was there. I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew that I was hooked. She makes me want to be in love when I hear her. I want to fall in love while listening to her. I want to make love while I listen to her. And I want to listen to her when my heart is broken. She's good for all of those times.

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