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22 October 2011



He's scrapping the bottom of the barrel now. SMH


Maybe her character is an airhead DEVOID of personality. If so, she is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! However, I will see this film because Jurnee Smolliet (sp) is starring in it and I love her.

JC Johns

This is terrible news. She wasn't even that good in the "movie" that she's known for. Sigh.


She'll be fine. She won't have to be dramatic, and she will be giving Jurnee a make-over. So what's the big deal? The scene will probably be music playing, several outfits tried on, the two of them laughing, and at the end: the perfect outfit. Kim's lines will consist of saying something like "that's gorgeous", blah, blah, blah.

I wouldn't describe her as a bimbo. She and her Mom have made her into a brand. I would say she is a pretty savvy businesswoman.

Glenn in Boston

>>>She'll be fine .... She and her Mom have made her into a brand. I would say she is a pretty savvy businesswoman.

A brand of what? A white girl who fcks one black athlete after another, gets paid to show up (with our $$$) and black people idolize her. And you're "fine" with that.

So very sad but so typical.


@ Glenn

She isn't white. She is Armenian. A mixture Arabic & Russian.


What do you mean paid for by our money? Tax dollars are going to her? Wow, that's a newsflash to me.

And when did I say that black people should idolize her? Such a typical response: hyperbolize and melodramatize.

Since you have a problem with her being with black athletes, do you share that disdain for the ladies of Basketball Wives or do you "kee" it up every week in front of the tv?

Glenn in Boston

"Our" money as in Black people are the "target" consumers for the Kim Kardashian "brand", as you called it. We're also the consumers for Tyler Perry's films (ie buy tickets), so yes, much of her income comes from Black people.

I don't watch "Basketball Wives" and dislike those golddiggers, too. Most of them didn't rocket to fame over a porn scene, tho.

Maybe you stick to gushing over athletes "booties", luv. You have a basic grasp of social, political and LGBT issues ... and want to sell everyone on the fantasy that you're a top.


And more of the stereotyping and snark that comes from a bitter queen. It really is sad, "luv".

And last time that I checked, it was called a market. I know that this is a big concept for you, but people can actually choose how they want to spend their money. Nobody is taking "our" money. If somebody wants to buy whatever the Kardashians are shilling, then they have that right. But of course, a judgmental queen like yourself stuck in "her" dogmatic ways wouldn't realize that.

And gushing over athletes "booties" kinda goes with the turf if you are gay. But again, you wouldn't realize that. You aren't well-rounded enough to realize that you can have a grasp on social, political, and LGBT issues and still like looking at a nice tush.


Zambos: You're all over the place. Some people just don't like Kim Kardashian. A richj white girl who parlayed a fortune from a sex tape, plastic surgery and telling sistas that "she" knows how to take care of black men. She famous for nothing besides the sex tape and appearing on "reality" television. And if Kim were black, our community would let her have it and black sports stars would not see her as a sex symbol.

I'm not a huge fan of Tyler Perry but respect his accomplishments. As Isis said, hopefully this will be a small role. There are plenty of black actresses who could be working.


@Dalton, and I understand that. I am not requiring that you do like her. However, Glenn decided to attack me as if I am this huge fan of hers (on the level of the Beyonce lovers). I reiterate: she will do fine with the limited lines that she will have. I described how the scene will play out. She is not bimbo, but a pretty savvy businesswoman.


He can't get real actresses anymore, I guess.


@ Osiris


Remember Eve's Bayou and The Great Debaters! Jurnee is a WONDERFUL actress and Kim will be the supporting character. If Kim can draw some extra attention to the film, then so be it. I don't think Tyler will have her (Kim) doing anything more than what she can handle. JURNEE DESERVES OUR SUPPORT! Who else is hiring her or any other Black actress as the STAR in the film.


I loved Jurnee from WAYYYYYY back in the day. I don't tune into Tyler Perry so I didn't know anything about this movie other than this article. I still won't waste money on it but it's nice to see Jurnee getting work.

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