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11 October 2011


Account Deleted

Why do all these Republicans seem to suffer from a case of the stupid? Jeez, man! Don't they realize that they always come off as assholes?

read me

"That’s why as a society we say we’re going to call marriage what it has been called for 6,000 years or longer — a relationship between one man and one woman."

Why didn't someone inform him that for most of recorded history, marriage has been between a man and his property? Women were barely considered human and had few rights. Plus, polygyny (one man, many women) was the norm across much of the world until about 300 years ago.

Della Mae

It is so sickening that he actually even believes what comes out of that dumb mouth of his. He is afraid to make an uproar cause his fellow tea party twits will set him on fire. What a coward!!

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