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19 October 2011


Account Deleted

Does anybody sense how Homoerotic these pictures are? I kept thinking of pornographic thoughts or imaging the three going at it on the couch...With the old man looking on. However, I'm sure the boys would respond with "Pause!" or "No homo!"


Wow, this looks like a real-life scene from the Boondocks episode "Pause".

In fact, I knew for sure it must be a Tyler Perry "play".

Chitown Kev


Not the stage acting, I couldn't get past the pictures.

Tyson needs to keep the goatee, for one, he looks sooooooooo sexy with it.

As for TO, I mean, what can you say? Oh, the THANGS I would do to him. Diva, indeed.

Thanks for this Rod!


I was thinking Tyler Perry play also!!!


I saw the T O Show and this was from a play with Angie Stone. Hey that had to have eye candies to get folks out!!


Who's the 3rd guy?

Distant Lover

@ Mike, Exactly! Who is that 3rd guy? Tyson and T.O. Been there and seen that, but that 3rd guy? Something new has been added!!!!


The play of Gangstalicious Lolol don't know if T.O or Tyson are Lincoln or gangstalicious!!!!! For all who never watched the boondocks shame on you!!!!


I believe the name of his sexy @ss is Philip Lightfoot.

Distant Lover

Philip Lightfoot! His mama is Kathy Sledge from the group Sister Sledge! That boy got some good genes! Good lawd!!!!

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