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12 October 2011



Beautiful. I wish I had been that brave at his age and what a loving and supportive father...beautiful.


His Dad, his Dad - that makes all the difference in the world. great piece.


I agree Brien... It just feels like if your dad supports you, you can do anything..


I swear Rugby players - of ALL races - are some of the sexiest men on earth. lol


that's cool. Good for Nevin to be able to do that not only for himself but for others like him and to put it out there for them to see.


Thank you Nevin, for the truth of "MAN UP," which is STAND UP IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRUTH! Thank you.

It was indeed powerful to see his teammates basically say WE KNOW YOU AND WE CARE ABOUT THE PERSON YOU ARE!



(1)It's my understanding, from 20-somethings I know, that MTV has been in the forefront of gay-positive stories for years.
(2) Great reactions from the team & the dad. It must be stated, though, that the presence of cameras in their faces no doubt changed the tone of their responses. That's why "reality TV" is often more fake than scripted TV.
(3) I haven't watched MTV in ages, if only because of the quick edits in shows like this. No shot lasts more than 4 seconds, and it's annoying.




I agree...beautiful is the exact word to describe this moment and the young man expressing himself ;).


What a great video, brave guy and I'm glad his team was so supportive of him too, especially when the "leader" it looks to be of the team spoke up and told him it didn't matter and he was his friend no matter what. Great piece of video and have to feel great for Nevin for getting a positive reaction from his teammates and having a supportive father.

chris w

I'm going to start watching MTV again. This show is TV with a purpose.


I'm such a wuss because this made me cry. Lol.
His father is awesome. We need more like him.
Kudos to his rugby team as well.

Black Pegasus

Am I the only one here who has an issue with a Man gathering a group of teammates together with TV cameras just to announce which gender he sleeps with? What ever happened to people minding their damn business? Who I sleep with is the business of the two people in my bedroom! NOT coworkers, teammates, nor relatives!

I am an ambiguously gay man and I'm PROUD of my good deeds in Life, not who I sleep with. I know my opinion is in the minority here, but thanks for allowing me to express it...

jay jay

I wouldnt be surprised if he has a crush on one of his team mates. Another Gay Black guy with a thing for White men (who are probally judging him inside and off camera) while the good gay Black guys pass him by. I commend him on his coming out, but I know his kind.

Greg G

>>"While he good gay Black guys pass him by.I commend him on his coming out, but I know his kind."

What "kind" is that? A Black gay man who publicly comes out and has supportive friends and family? As opposed to a crafty, mean spirited jaded queen who makes anonymous comments on the web?

Jay Jay, if anything, YOU and YOUR KIND are the problem in our community. This young man took a huge step, on national television and is blessed with supportive friends, teammates and an understanding father.

Instead of focusing on that -- probably because you never had that support -- YOU want to play cut up queen. You don't know his type. But you clearly are yet "another gay Black guy" who thinks all brothas should act hood or gangsta, and need to surround themselves with all black people all the time.

Nevin doesn't need your pat on the back. He has that from the people he cares about and who care about him. Clearly you have neither.

Chitown Kev

@Greg G


@Black Pegasus

OK, I have a hard time believing that the most (if not all) of the teammates did not know this already.

Given the difficulty of gay athletes coming out, I don't mind this but the fact that you're jaded about indicates that some sort of progress is being made; it's not a remarkable thing...

Where I do disagree with you is that being gay is pure and simple a matter of which gender I sleep with, although that is the defining characteristic but not the only one.

Greg G

@ Black Pegasus:

Co-signing Chitown Kev, who is absolutely right. **waves** :)

Being gay/same-sex attraction is more than simply who you are having sex with. Now, maybe that's all it is to you, or (other?) closeted brothas, or the many black gay men who could care less about equality and being out.

It's about being treated equal and not having to hide your life, and not being harassed or bashed because of who you are. You may or may not be out, but don't criticize those who choose to be out. And straight people declare their sexuality 24/7/365 everywhere .. from wedding announcements, PDA, pictures of family on desk, reality shows ... and being treated preferentially by government, courts, legislatures and society.

Maybe you and (other) closeted brothas can only concentrate on the sex part. Don't get upset because some of us want more out of life.


Now where are the stories like THIS ONE on Logo??!!!

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace to All!

Nevin's witness and courageous act of living his own life and self-identity openly with his rugby teammates is most beautiful!

Moving me to tears, as well, as his team's support and father's loving affirmation, Nevin makes me proud and proud of him.

He provides a wonderful model for any young Black gay man and parent, especially, coming out and hopefully, a similar response from all others.

"There's nothing so strong as gentleness; nothing so gentle as real strength." --Francis DeSalles

Celebrate, Nevin! Celebrate Life!
Celebrate Love!

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea
One World Life Systems

"Serving One Love and Developing One World for the Common Good of Humanity"


jay jay (or should I say jerk jerk), which one are you? The white due who can't seem to snag one those big boned brothers, or the black dude who can't stand to see all of the pretty black boys pass him over? Don't front.. you are certainly one or the other!

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