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24 October 2011


Derrick from Philly

THis is very hopeful news. Thanks, Rod.

I know it's wrong to hope for somebody to go on to his final resting place, but I'm truly sick of Robert Mugabi. He's lived long enough...you know, like Ghadafi..


With a sick demented homophobic dictator like Mugabe it will not be easy for these changes to be implemented in the constitution although the U. K. has recently announced that it will stop sending a substantial amount of monetary aid to homophobic African countries. It was Mugabe who said gays are worse than pigs and dogs and then in a later public speech apologized to pigs and dogs.

I hope Tsvangirai is successful and I hope the best for our gay brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe and all of Africa who suffer so incredibly and so needlessly.


Wicked dictator Mugabe has been cruel to Zimbabwe. If this constitutional amendment comes to pass, it will be a ploy to gain sympathies from the international community. But at least Queer Zimbabweans will have some space to breathe, even if they might be murdered or oppressed by Mugabe's wicked regime for other reasons. Therefore, a mixed blessing (if this news becomes that)

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