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08 November 2011



Thanks, Rod, for posting this.

It is shocking, if not surprising, how slow some things move.

Effective HIV therapy was available in 1995—sixteen years ago now—and it was perfectly obvious then (if not scientifically proven in a large study) that effective HIV therapy would reduce HIV transmission. But how many years did it take before “treatment as prevention” became an objective? And how many people became needlessly infected in the meantime because it was not an objective?

Similarly, I cannot remember how many years ago it was (but it was many) that I read about the first study in East Africa that showed that circumcision reduced HIV transmission. But it was many years after that before circumcision became a health care objective.

Late is better than never. Unless, of course, you are one of the dead.


Co-signing what Jim said.
Very very thorough. Always impressed by your HIV coverage here and on health websites.

If I'm not mistaken, doesn't WHO have to approve stricter CD4 guidelines to mandates "treatment as prevention"?

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