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04 November 2011


Derrick from Philly

Well, I certainly hope it works in reducing transmission. But, My God, it is expensive.


The gay community has gone backwards with endorsing, showcasing and promoting bareback sex; these drugs I feel are not going to slow down transmission just accelerate them...by giving a false sense of security!

Former COGIC

Striving: Are you one of those hateful bible thumping conservatives? Because that's how you sound. You sound just like some stupid bigot who says teaching teens about sex or giving them condoms will encourage sex.

Guess what? PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE SEX and unfortunately everyone is NOT using condoms. That is a reality, from sub-Saharan Africa which has the world's highest HIV rates (and no large gay community "promoting bareback sex") to sky high teen pregnancies, STD and HIV among straight Black folks in USA.

PrEP would be used IN ADDITION to condoms. It's just another option. We have to do something, your thinking isn't helping the problem.


Co-signing COGIC.
Striving, are you one of the gay bashers? I can't tell.


"daily use of an antiretroviral drug therapy". What? So now we need a drug just to exist? F*ck that. I'll stick to safer sex.


Thank you John safer sex is the BEST method PERIOD...so many people have made a fetish out of bareback sex (both negative and positive men)...it is out of control...

Greg G

John and StrivingMore: You're right that safe sex is the best method ... but many people across the world, in the black community, and in the black and latino communities are not doing it. That's like saying, "Abstinence is the best policy" So how do you address that?

Striving: Your repeated comments about "fetish bareback sex" do sound like comments by ignorant bigots. The simple fact is that the vast majority of HIV infections are in HETEROSEXUAL people ... who of course have "fetished" bareback sex for centuries. And still do in videos, porn, etc so you can't blame it on gays. And repeatedly saying this doesn't add anything to the discussion.

Safe sex and condoms are the best way to go, but I can think of dozens of reasons why people can't, won't or don't use them. They have a long term partner and think both are "safe". They're drunk or high. They're being raped. Their partner forces them not to. They're trading sex for food, housing or money, which many people are forced to do.

PrEP is not a "magic pill" or magic bullet. In a best case scenario, it would work WITH condoms. And if the person slips up, they have back-up. It's like having car insurance, but wearing your seat belt and stopping at a red light.

The bottom line: HIV rates are sky high in black and brown communities, many people straight and gay are not using condoms, black gay men have the highest infection rates, black people and black gay men have the highest mortality rates from AIDS, and health outcomes are diminishing. Simply using a condom would stop HIV .... but just saying "use a condom" DOES NOT address the start public health reality.

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