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08 November 2011


Glenn in Boston

I absolutely Lalah Hathaway. Her voice is phenomenal.


I love love love this interview! I am so proud of you, King! Lalah is a COUP! She's a wonderful singer, such a supporter of real people doing real things and that's definitely YOU!



Co-signing Rev Kev. I am huge fanm of Miss Lalah Hathaway and have been ever since she burst on the scene in 1990. Love her and love Miss Rachelle Ferrell. So much talent and so much heart. I have the new CD and am in love lol.

Very nice interview. You do a great job on politics and a great job on entertainment.


"You Were Meant For Me" is the answer, baby, yes indeed!

Ty Lattimore

Great interview Rod...You already know I am loving the cd as I have all Lalah's previous ones. But this cd is by far her best work ever. Her most radio friendly project by leaps. A great cd with her vocals and much more upbeat and diverse than her prior ones. Most seasoned artist fail when trying to bridge their sound with more contemporary production...but Lalah hit a grand slam with this one.

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