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14 November 2011



It's good that his heart is in the right place...but that flow leaves much to be desired. :-\

It takes more than publicity to make it...most of the time.


If he had AIDS probably he would not be singing, maybe he meant to say "I have HIV".

To me, the message at the end of the video is more important than the song itself.


Hats off to Lil B

Honut Sinti

Nod to him for the effort.


I applaud him for wanting to raise consciousness about HIV/AIDS, but I wish the message were different.

I would hate to think that people believe they are reducing their exposure to HIV by reducing their number of sexual partners.

The focus should be on safe sex! While an argument could be made for reducing the number of partners and getting tested, isn't one better off (risk-wise) having totally safe sex with 40 people than unprotected sex with just one?


Kenneth: You're going by the magazine quote and obviously DID NOT listen to the song at all. Lil B does talk about safe sex, that's the central message of the song. He mentions "condoms" and "safe sex" several times.

And you also ignored his personal message written at You Tube: "PLEASE GET TESTED AND PROTECT YOURSELF AND PARTNERS AND BE SAFE


And my hat is off to him because the young people listening to his music are most at risk for acquiring HIV.

You and Osiris are focused on criticizing and parsing the message. A black rap star sings about safe sex, but that's not good enough. He speaks against homophobia, that isn't good enough. Okay: Lil B at least tried and he is reaching millions of people. What are YOU doing?


Benjamin, I appreciate your view and you have a valid point. I won't sit here and fib by saying that I counsel gay youth in my spare time or volunteer at clinics because I don't and personally don't care for it(had my fill of clinic work while getting my doctorate). I am also not the guy to beat a dead horse regarding hiv prevention: the info is out there and has always been out there. at a certain point, grownups are responsible for their own choices and consequences. However, I am a young, successful man who worked hard for my degrees and what I have today. I like to think that at the very least, I'm showing people(my child, especially) that there is more to life than trying to get quick money or filling an emotional void through sex. I love myself and I love my life. That's what's missing with the younger generation: respect and love for themselves. That's why they(or we since I just hit my 30s, lol) engage in risky behavior, to replace those feelings that are missing inside of us. If my personal example helps someone find that(like it helped me when I met my own mentor in undergrad), then my life was worth it. If this song helps at least ONE person find that same thing, then it wasn't a waste...for them.

For me, though...the flow was garbage. Then again, the majority of rap music these days is garbage so Lil' B would fit right in.


Osiris: The "flow" and the lyrics aren't the main issue. The message is the point, and if it gets young people talking about safe sex, condoms and getting tested, then its successful.

There's been huge media coverage so it's already successful in that regard, too.


He's a rapper. Is it unreasonable to critique his flow?

alicia banks

i love this brave bro!


"He's a rapper. Is it unreasonable to critique his flow?"

Not at all. It also doesn't seem "unreasonable" that there is very little comment/critique/awareness of sky-high HIV rates in Black America ... more commentary on his "flow". Just sadly typical of our community.

What Faison and Benjamin said. If those track raises awareness, gets people talking, gets some news coverage, god bless him.

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