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08 November 2011


Derrick from Philly

"Homosexuality is not part of our culture and we will never legalise it,"

Oh, yeah, but lying, distorting and re-creating history has become part of your culture. You've learned well from colonial rule.


“The government of [Tanzania] says it will not relax its harsh anti-gay laws even if that means it loses ‘substantial’ funding... So far: Ghana, Malawi and Uganda have angrily denounced Cameron's threat and vowed to go without British aid rather than repeal their laws.”

The pleasure that comes from hatred is worth a great deal of money. So is the power that comes from the promotion of it.

“Britain apparently is backing down...”

At Britain’s prospect of getting shut out of some money-making opportunities, the country’s devotion to justice gets stuffed back in the bag of toys where it is normally kept.


Homosexuality has been and is a part of Tanzania's culture and every other culture in the history of the world including the countries of Africa. The people who deny this are either ignorant or liars. There is more than one scholarly book which substantially documents the presence of homosexuality in sub-Saharan countries and how it was viewed.All of these homophobic lies began when the Colonials imported their brand of homophobia based on their Christian beliefs.

Mel Smith

Let those ignorant fools starve in their stupidity and backwardness.

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