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28 November 2011



Good on Tyler for speaking out.


Powerful letter.


That's really good of him.

alicia banks


this makes up for his grave kim k err!!!



I think this has 50% good motivation behind it, the rest, like always is to make Tyler Perry look good. I doubt this would have been released if For Better or Worse didn't get the lowest amount of viewers of any of his shows and if he hadn't just gone through the KK "scandal". Gotta keep that brand shiney at any costs is what I constantly get from Perry, so again, his hustle is tight but otherwise I am unimpressed.


I think it was great of Tyler to not only admit what happened to him last year but also try to help victims. Regardless of his motives, which I don't think are for publicity, some men and children of abuse can know that they aren't alone.


@ HD

I can't believe you would try to diminish this gesture in anyway. Tyler is showing these young men that you can overcome the ugliness of your past and take back you power. This is a genuine gesture on his part and I applaud him. Some folks will do anything to malign his man.... SAD!


I'm not diminishing his gesture, I'm just questioning his motives and intent. Tyler Perry is a fraud, plain and simple. His concern isn't elevating the human spirit/soul, though he relentlessly claims otherwise, he is interested in celebrity and power. He's just as bad as any reality show wanna be star but has wrapped it up in psuedo-Christianity to make it more digestable. He has all the money, but as he is clearly finding out, having all the money doesn't equate earning any respect. And the fact that is widely known for being successful but not being talented is what keeps him up at night when he's not in the arms of his closeted male lover.


And I too am a survivor of sexual abuse and I don't use it to help market myself or create a story that will keep people blinded with tears long enough so I can reach around to their wallet. I work through it so that I don't have to go around hating myself bu ultimately pretending to be the one thing I proudly am, a gay black man. If Tyler Perry put as much effort into his movies/tv shows that he did into crafting his sob story, then he might actually get what he longs for most: respect.

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