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15 November 2011



I wonder how they are going to spin this one. Especially the fact that Black children are involved. He is no more innocent then there is a man in the moon. If others in high positions caught him, why wasn't their justice brought before? They just wanted to win some football


This man is SO guilty!

Chitown Kev


The same way in which people tried to spin the Eddie Long et al. allegations.

This story is simply too disturbing in its' implications. The race angle is unavoidable in this case but I do hope that black folks don't get on that angle simply to get on the racial high horse.

Because some black folks black institutions are pretty much guilty of the same thing (and Rod has extensive documentation of that).

This also reminds me of the Jeffrey Dahmer case where POC were not to be believed by the Milwaukee police, thereby ensuring that Dahmer was able to commit more murders.

alicia banks


he is the mj of penn



He should not have done that interview. Where was his attorney.

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