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23 November 2011


Messy Marvin

Where do I start? With the parents, who are alive, but apparently incapable of taking care of their own child?
With the retarded comments about the attire? With the lack of condemnation of the perpetrator and the disdain for the victim?
And I still don't see why both teens were in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Didn't the 14 year old McInerny have bigger problems than a feminine male classmate if they were both old enough to be in high school and weren't?


This is so ridiculous. If they were so concerned about him, why was he living in a group home. Now they are trying to make money off his dead body. That's sick.

The fact they felt it was the school's responsibilty to raise that child. The shcool did what they could for him to be as well adjusted as possible. That is not on the list of job duties for teachers: raise someone else's child because they don't want to.

The fact the school did a better job of allowing this child to live his life as openly as possible is omsething to be commended. Children are dying everyday by their own hands, and others, without them even knowing or having clarity as to WHY they are dying. Some aren't even sure they are gay, some aren't gay, some think they are. I'm glad that for the short time that Larry was here on earth, he lived a life of clarity. That's a gift some don't have even till their 60's or older.

I hope the courts don't allow his parents to profit off his death. They weren't there for him when he was alive, so they definately shouldn't be able to profit from his death. The fact they even said " They should have "contained" his behavior" is crazy. That makes him sound like he should have been a prisoner in his own skin, in order to make her and the family feel better.

I rather die while living my life to the fullest, than die while a prisoner in my own life.


No matter how he dressed or how he acted, that gives no one else the right to kill him.


I agree, there was no reason for him to be killed...if anyone should profit it should be the taxpayers who sheltered him in his last days...his parents are POS...

Kevin Perez

Wow.....A lot of parents suck these days. You know folks go on about today's generation, funny, I get the same impression of today's so-called "adults".

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