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03 November 2011


Nathan James

It seems like gay and lesbian couples are really having problems kissing on planes, trains, and buses these days...in addition to this young couple, recall that Southwest Airlines threw L-Word star Laila Hailey and her GF off a plane for kissing, and a Short Line bus driver called the NY State Troopers on Ari Gold and his BF for kissing, and recently, I saw a gay couple kisssing on the F train get told "that's wrong" by a fellow passenger. (They ignored him.) But I see straight couples getting VERY passionate with each other in subway stations, planes and buses, and nobody kicks THEM off or calls the cops--and I'm talking real tongue hockey here, not just a playful peck on the cheek! SMDH!!


What a cute couple!


If not now, when?


WOW. So the breeders can kiss, but not us gays. The drive should've been more respectful however that's the society we live in. Its just kissing.


Either ban ALL PDA, or none. I get sick of seeing or hearing about heteros kissing in public with no one saying a word, but let anyone else, and its every slur in the book- this planet is as much ours as it is theirs.

Former COGIC

Adorable couple.

Interesting comments at Queerty, Towleroad and other blogs on this incident, versus Ari Gold and Southwest Airlines.

Very interesting how so many people object to the kid describing the woman as white. If this were a white couple and a black woman complained, the woman's race would become the focal point of the discussion.

I admire this couple's courage.


This doesnt make any damn sense! Hetero couples can damn near have sex in public but a gay couple gets the spot light. We truly have a long way to go

Chitown Kev

I mean, frankly, I don't like any PDA but you really have to stop the hets as well.

Derrick from Philly


you are 110% correct.

Black Pegasus

This was an two hour ordeal to have these dudes removed from a bus because they shared a kiss? WTF!

This is disturbing in 2011. Someone should be sued!


I once rode this route religiously, it's ironic because it's a route which passes THROUGH the gay neighborhood of Chicago, Lakeview. This is disgusting, I hope this couples DRAINS the CTA for a nice chunk of money that they deserve. If this was every my boyfriend and I on a 146, the National Guard would need to be called in because heads would ROLL, if someone told me to not kiss my boyfriend. And you better BELIEVE that I would make the biggest publicity stunt out of it and draw awareness to these ignorant fools.

Honut Sinti

Snatch every CTA coin and leave them 'po!


Unhappy people are a threat to public safety.

Kisses for both cuties for their braveness!

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