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14 November 2011



This is rather simply really. These African countries should reject the Aid. Then we can take their [mock] indignation seriously.

Cameron has the right to tell these [mostly African despots] what to do if they want Britain's money. After all, he who pays the piper calls the tune.


If I were a leader in a country or simply an individual who gave money to help others then I would stop providing money and aid if countries were practicing bigotry and prejudice and immorality against innocent people such as gays or women or children etc. And that equally applies to the United States which gives enormous tax breaks to religious groups who are homophobic.

For these ignorant African leaders their bigotry and prejudice and hatred based on lies and ignorance and stupidity are more important than helping their own people. To give them money is irresponsible and immoral and unethical. These leaders both political and religious are responsible for torture and murder and death.

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